Wingbuddy Magical Dubai Review

Here’s my Wingbuddy Magical Dubai review.

Wingbuddy is a travel agency based in Montreal, Quebec. They are 100% Canadian. They have a variety of tour packages available (includes flight, accommodation, and tour) for destinations like the Greek Islands, the Azores, Japan, and Costa Rica.

Wingbuddy in Canada partnered with Gray Line and Kurban Tours in the UAE to provide a tour of Dubai, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi within the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Basics

Prior leaving for Dubai I was worried about what to wear so that I can come off as respectful as a traveler. For the mosque, you have to wear a scarf, long sleeves, and long not tight pants that ideally hit the ankle. For the rest of the city, most women wore clothes that did not show their shoulders, and dresses or pants that went past the knee.

Here’s the beautiful Sheik Zayad mosque in Abu Dhabi, the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. Interestingly, to go in, you have to go through a mall.

Dubai gives you a visa to travel in the United Arab Emirates when you arrive, basically a visa on arrival. They also give you a 24 hour 1GB SIM card, which is nice.

I already had my Airalo SIM card so didn’t use the one provided by the UAE, but it was a nice gesture anyway.

The weather is warm in the winter season it was around 20-23 degrees Celsius when we were there, but it cooled down at night to around 16 degrees. I would definitely pack a light jacket.

Magical Dubai Itinerary

The Magical Dubai tour is 9 days, however, the first and last day are arrival and departure.

Some notable experiences was the desert safari and dune bashing in the desert (where you sit in a 4×4 Toyota and drive up and down the sand dunes… the cars are equipped with roll over cages in the event of rolling over), sitting on a camel, checking out the Louvre at Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain and the date palm oasis (with very reasonably prices delicious dates).

Near the end of the trip you return to Dubai and visit Dubai Mall with the optional excursion of going up the Burj Khalifa.

Here’s the aquarium in the middle of Dubai Mall (the largest mall in the world).

The hotels were labelled as four star hotels and they were nice (owned by chains such as Rotana Hotel) but the last two nights, a Media hotel, were not as nice.

The meals that were covered as part of the tour were meals at hotel buffets. There was definitely a lot of variety.

Magical Dubai Pace

Since the majority of the tour patrons appeared to be over the age of 65, I thought that the tour pace was a bit fast. There wasn’t much time to explore in-depth to look at something or experience something. For example, when we went to Abu Dhabi we stopped off at Ferrari World, but for about 20 minutes to take picture of the outside of Ferrari World. Then it was time to get back on the bus. A lot of picture stop destinations was similar to this, about 15 to 25 minutes to stretch your legs take pictures and get back on the bus.

When we went to the Louvre Abu Dhabi we had enough time to explore though (I think it was about 2 hours). I was able to see artwork by Picasso and Monet.

However, the last day of the tour I liked that there was time on your own after breakfast to explore at your leisure.

Burj Khalifa

The Magical Dubai tour does not include tickets to go up the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building located at Dubai Mall) but they do give you the option. For $55 USD or $75 USD they can arrange for tickets to go up to the observation level- I liked that the tour guide asked you if you wanted to go during the tour, so you didn’t have to decide and book ahead of time. If you had arranged it yourself you would have to book it much in advance and the prices were more expensive than the option presented by Wingbuddy.

Here’s what it looks like to be over 120+ floors up:

Optional Oman Tour to Musandam

The best way to save money is to not book this tour ahead of time. We booked it ahead of time (online, during the time of booking) and it was cheaper being offered on the tour by the tour guide. The Musandam area is in the Gulf of Oman. It was a bus ride to Oman and through a border crossing, then you get on a dhow and cruise to snorkel and enjoy lunch on the boat.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate the day we went and therefore we had to endure rocky waves and a few of the people on the dhow got very seasick. We ended the tour early and they were able to take us back to Dubai and see the Dubai Frame in lieu of the Musandam tour since there was no refund available.

My Verdict

I hope you found this Wingbuddy Magical Dubai review helpful.

Some people on the tour got some great deals to go on this Wingbuddy Tour (like half of what we paid) but I am presuming they waited closer to a last minute deal and they were from the east coast. The flights are cheaper from the east coast compared to the west coast (like $1500+ CAD cheaper per person).

Our flight also was on Emirates which is more expensive compared to the other airlines. That was one of the nicest flights I have taken, I had never seen a bathroom that large (it was double the size of a regular airplane bathroom).

If you want to go all out you could opt for a $20,000 USD First Class Emirates flight from New York City to Dubai, it was fascinating watching this video that Sahil Bloom made.

I would recommend confirming your transfers before you leave home and before you get picked up to go to the airport (actually it says so on the itinerary print out).

We were waiting for a while and no one came, I ended up calling the contact and they didn’t realize there was supposed to be a shuttle to take us to the airport. They ended up calling a driver (I am assuming it was an Uber?) to take us to the airport. We were about 30 minutes late. Thankfully we were still able to make our flight home, but it was tight.

Anyway, it was a good tour if you want to ‘get the most’ out of your visit to the United Arab Emirates in a short duration of time. You have to be cognizant of the time though and get back to the bus on time.

What is your Wingbuddy Magical Dubai review?

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2 thoughts on “Wingbuddy Magical Dubai Review”

  1. We had a horrible time when WINGBUDDY went against the “Promise on their web site of groups of 16 MAX and then combined a couple of groups to make for unsafe bus rides and a horrible experience. We tried over and over and over to contact them and NEVER heard a word until the trip was over and then just oh well as our money also disappeared. We hope that other possible travelers will take heed and find a different travel operator to travel with unless of course they want to take a chance and get an experience like you and we had. But as they say, Buyer Beware. Do not know how they stay in business.

    • @Rick- Agree, contacting them while abroad was quite difficult. I don’t know if I would do Wingbuddy again, that being said I’m not much of an organized tour gal.


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