Vegas, Baby: Traversing Las Vegas with a Baby

Las Vegas with a Baby

I have been to Vegas a few times before, but the last time was over 5-6 years ago.  Now, Vegas is probably not the first place you would think of when you think of a family fun destination.  Neither did I!  It turned out okay though.  It was a little difficult for some parts of the trip but it was a fun 3-night trip anyway.  A caveat- we didn’t party it up or anything and were out strolling around at 8:00 AM when most people are hungover and crashing in their hotel room from the night before.

Here’s what we packed and how we spent our time in Las Vegas with a baby!


Baby Gear

I packed 1-2 outfits for each day we were going to be there (with him eating solids sometimes it gets messy).  We brought his swimsuit.  Brought some of the squeeze pack foods and powdered oat cereal.  We did not bring a dining seat and used the high chairs available.  When he ate in the room for his breakfast, we just held him and fed him (it was much messier but thankfully there were hotel towels).

Definitely, some sun protection and a hat and a receiving blanket (for sun protection) if you are going in the hotter months.  When we were there it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit or 33 degrees Celsius!

We ended up bringing our Pack N Play and got it checked free of charge on our flight (most airlines usually check one thing for free for baby e.g. car seat or portable crib).  Most hotels have a portable crib, but when I called our particular hotel, the reception said “yes we have cribs and they are free of charge but I would highly recommend you bring your own in case it is not available”.  They did not ‘reserve’ the portable crib for your room and you would have to find out if it’s available when you check in.  That was a bit too risky for me, which is ironic given that we were going to Vegas, the gambling capital of the United States.  Maybe if we stayed at a fancier place the portable crib might have been guaranteed.

We were able to just pack carry on so didn’t need to pay an extra $25 per bag. Packing for this trip using carry on was easier than packing for a 12 day trip with carry on.

Getting Around with Baby

We did not pack a car seat.  Commercial vehicles (e.g. shuttles and buses) do not require a car seat for infant transportation.  Therefore, we booked a transport shuttle (return for $30 USD) to and from the airport.  If I had more time to research, I would have found out that you can take an Airport bus (called the WAX or Westcliff Airport Express) for just $2 which stops at the Tropicana hotel (and from there you can take the Deuce or the SDX bus-$8 for 24 hours or $20 for 3 days- which goes along the strip).  Easy with just carry on but harder to travel if you have a lot of stuff to carry.

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We packed an umbrella stroller (gate checked this) and brought his Ergo baby carrier.  Both of these were essential for this trip.  While traveling in and out of the airport, we just loaded our bags on the stroller and carried him in the carrier.

Vegas is not the most wheelchair or stroller friendly place.  Many streets along the strip (let’s say 80% of them) you cannot cross without going up on a pedestrian bridge with an escalator.  The elevators took forever and a few of them were down (then I had to go into the hotel and try and use the elevator within to get my way onto the skywalk).

I would definitely recommend getting the bus pass (we got a 24 hour one) as it makes getting along the strip much easier.  They do ask you to fold your stroller though once you get on board the bus.

Things to Do In Vegas with a Baby

There are a few fun things to do with your baby in Vegas.  Forget about going to nightclubs (unless one of you stays at the hotel with baby), going to loud shows, fine dining, and even gambling for hours.

Bellagio Botanical Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Bellagio Botanical Garden
Source: Bellagio

The Bellagio Botanical Garden was beautiful!  So many flowers and plants and even birds.  The theme when we were there was Japanese Spring.  Baby loved it and was soothed by the water and it kind of had a womb-like feeling to it!  That’s probably why he liked it so much.  Best of all it is free.  The decoration and display rotate a few times a year.

Bellagio Fountain Show

Bellagio Fountain Show Hours
Source: Bellagio

Another great activity that you can just ‘drop in on’ without having to plan to be at for a specific time (perfect when you have a baby, amiright?) is the Bellagio fountain show.  It would have been nicer at nighttime but baby is asleep at 7:30pm.  They have different songs they play so it is always interesting.

Here are the hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. (every 30 min) and 8 p.m. – midnight (every 15 min)
  • Saturdays and holidays: noon – 8 p.m. (every 30 min) and 8 p.m. – midnight (every 15 min)
  • Sundays: 11 a.m.- 7 p.m. (every 30 min) From 7 p.m- midnight (every 15 min).

The Las Vegas Premium Outlets South

Believe it or not, there are TWO Las Vegas Premium Outlets.  One called North and one called South (just need one more called West and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can endorse that one).  The North one is an outdoor mall and has more high-end designer clothes and ‘better stores’ but the South one is indoors air-conditioned.

Las Vegas Premium Outlets South it is!  The SDX bus takes you to both of them and stops directly in front of the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South.

Mandalay Bay Aquarium and Circus Circus Acts

If we had more time we would go to the Mandalay Bay shark reef aquarium (this is not free, in fact, it is $25 per adult but children under 3 are free, but the tram to get there is!).  Another place to check out with kids would be Circus Circus, they have free shows starting at 11:30 daily, but we didn’t get that far.

Where to Eat in Vegas with a Baby

Obviously, there will be no designer dining with a baby.  Can you imagine the looks we would get if we brought him to a high-end restaurant while he starts screaming loudly?

However, he did well in most casual places and did the best of all at a buffet!  It was so busy and so loud in there that he happily ate his food (he definitely ate a lot of food).  Children under 5 are free (at Bellagio).

Here is a list of the top 10 buffets in Vegas via Yelp.  We ate at The Buffet at Bellagio and the food was delicious!  They had this truffle penne pasta that I am still salivating over.  We wanted to go to the Bacchanal buffet at Caesar’s but couldn’t make the extra block because we were too hungry.

What Made Vegas with a Baby A bit Trying

As mentioned briefly above, the Vegas strip is not a stroller friendly place.  Walking the strip took a long time and it was a lot of frustration waiting for elevators and taking a detour if the elevator wasn’t working.  For example, it took an hour to walk to Bellagio from Tropicana, thankfully I made it just in time for the 5pm Bellagio fountain show that my baby got to enjoy for the grand total of 4 minutes before it ended.

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Another thing that wasn’t ideal was the smoky casinos and stale air.

Other than that, it was a fun YOLO trip!  I guess the main thing is to go with lowish expectations because traveling with a baby is a whole different ballgame.  Hard to do more than ONE thing a day!

Readers, have you been to Vegas?  With a baby?  Any tips or must-see places?

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27 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby: Traversing Las Vegas with a Baby”

  1. I think the last time I was in Las Vegas was about 1990 or so. I’m sure it has really changed. I used to like the downtown area versus the strip. It was kind of seedy back in the day. That’s where I felt most comfortable. I know at some point they turned it into an indoor mall, I think. Liking the outdoors, we rarely do city vacations. Gambling also made me nervous. I’m kind of a control freak (according to Mrs. DD) so I think I didn’t like the fact that the casino has control of the games. Tom

    • @Tom- We went downtown and looked at Heart Attack Cafe and it still looks a bit seedy, but I think we also preferred it to the strip too. More ‘homey’ and less ‘flashy’. Maybe that’s what you mean by feeling more comfortable hehe.

    • @Caroline- It would be such a fun trip with your children! There were some babies there but yeah, it wasn’t common haha.

  2. Hi GYM,
    Sounds like you had a fun time! We go to Vegas at least once a year and always have a great time. We have never been with babies/kids, that would totally change our itinerary. All the things you mentioned are good for families and the outlet malls are always fun. Glad you had a good time!

    • @Steve- Whoa Steve you live the good life 😉 Vegas, and Mexico once a year and also a fishing resort! It was really fun to just people watch (during the day because we didn’t go out at night haha).

  3. You guys are brave bringing the baby to Vegas especially along the strip but it sounds like you had a great time. Definitely recommend bringing Baby GYM to Circus Circus when he gets older
    I am very familiar with Vegas since I took many trips down there when I was in my 20s. I had the luxury of staying at my parents vacation home down there so I basically a place to stay for free. I knew all the places you mentioned especially the outlet malls and buffets.
    I only been back a couple times since my parents sold their vacation home almost ten years ago and never brought Baby with Cents there. However we plan to take him camping over at Valley of Fire(45 minute drive from Vegas) in the next couple years.

    • @Kris- That’s so awesome you had a vacation home to stay in! The flights are cheap too so what a great way to travel hack. Do you have a favourite buffet? (I will make a mental note for my trip next time). Ooh camping in Nevada! That would be an awesome road trip!

      • It’s has been a while since I’ve ate at a Vegas buffet but based on past experiences I would say the Le Village Buffet at the Paris hotel for breakfast. They have various breakfast selections over there and plus the decor has a French feel to it.
        For lunch/dinner I would say a tie between Carnival Buffet at Rio and the one you mentioned at Caesars, the Bacchanal Buffet. Prime rib, crab legs, salmon and so much selection of foods at both of them. Plus the quality of food was really good for a buffet.

  4. Hey GYM!

    We have not been to Vegas…nor on a plane with our kiddo! I took him once when he was 10 weeks old to go on a shopping trip as I needed dress clothes that fit before going back to work…and it was a disaster….screamed his head off…Mr. DS ended up driving around and circling parking lots to keep him happy. So that put the fear of travel with our kid in us for a long time! And waited again until he was 3 yrs old for long car rides! Which, he actually handled pretty well.

    I’m super bummed Las Vegas isn’t more stroller friendly. I know they were making it a big initiative to be family friendly, but, kids get tired walking – fast! and even older kids ask for strollers (we’ve resorted to piggy-back rides). A stroller is also a good test for ADA compliance…that’s unfortunate those who use in a wheelchair will have this frustration as well.

    The All-You-Can-Eat buffets sound wonderful! I would belly-right up to there too! Our kid also out eats me most of the time now with certain things (pizza – oh, I still get his crusts!) so I think we would get our money’s worth there if he was charged a kid’s price or got to eat for free!

    Great trip and recap!

    • @Mrs DS- Awee.. 10 weeks shopping, I can understand! He probably just wanted to eat and sleep instead of go shopping with mama. I am terrified of our baby out-eating us soon! He had a whole avocado toast and banana this morning which is like what I had. Haha. Yeah, travel with kids is a whole ‘nother level and it’s definitely not relaxing. Someone told me that travel with kids is like doing the same thing at home (like daily routine) but in a different location HAHA.

  5. Travelling with a baby is great, enjoy it now because traveling with toddlers becomes much more trying. We did a trip to Portugal last year with a 1yo and 3yo and it went surprisingly well but was definitely more difficult. It was a direct flight, which helped, and we kept the kids on our time, so they were going to bed at 11pm in Portugal and waking up for brunch at 11am. This actually worked great because we could go out to dinner with them without them being too tired.

    Looking forward to reading about more adventures!

    • @Owen- Oh no don’t tell me that traveling with toddlers is more difficult. I already think travel with baby is difficult enough, lol. That is a great idea to stay up late traveling and going to bed at 11pm! Going to dinner in Portugal would be amazing.

  6. I brought my mom and uncle to Vegas a while back, and then we drove to the national parks in Arizona, etc. At first, I was like, this isn’t really your typical ‘Vegas’ vacation since I was with my mom, but it was a blast! We didn’t really gamble or anything. Just walked around to enjoy the free shows and stuff, hopped on a tour bus, etc. Also, we bought a lot of sandwiches from the drugstore, because the food was so expensive.

    I’m actually not sure I’d want to go again for the ‘Vegas’ experience, though.

    • @The Luxe Strategist- Yeah, food is $! That sounds like a great Vegas trip actually! I would have loved to go to the national parks, but we didn’t have enough time and no rental car.

  7. Hi GYM, that’s a cool trip. Glad to hear your baby had a good time as well. Buffet sounds great, I love buffet. Thanks a lot for the helpful information. I’ll keep it in mind when I go there someday. I’ve never been there.

  8. Travelling with a baby is great. We are travelling with my 3 and 5 years old kids many time. This actually worked great because we could go out to dinner with them without them being too tired. Thanks for your informative article i will share it to others.

  9. I really enjoyed your post! Especially when it involves a baby and Vegas! I have a 10-month old and long wanted to go to Vegas but now with a baby, I’m really shutting out the opportunity to go. By reading your post, I was able find a little bit of hope that yes, Vegas is possible with a baby! Only that it’s limited. Thanks for sharing!


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