Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs: The Ultimate List

Canadian dividend investing blogs are a great source of inspiration for earning passive dividend income.  Although dividend-paying individual stocks are as large of a component of my investing portfolio now compared to a few years ago, I am still a huge fan of dividend investing and liken it to the ocean waves, consistent and reliable (usually).

Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs

Updated December 2022

Dividend investing is purely passive income, no annoying tenants to deal with, no repairs to make, just nothing to do except watch the dividends roll in every month or every quarter.  As a millennial investor, it is one of the ways to start DIY investing.

Earning passive income in Canada is a beautiful thing, eh?  It’s much better than earning active income, in my opinion.

Especially if you can earn $50,000 in passive dividend income without being taxed (provided there are no other sources of income), since Canadian dividend-paying stocks are given preferential tax treatment.

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You could even grow your dividend income even faster by setting up a drip to reinvest the dividends (for example, Questrade has a drip).

And even better, invest in your TFSA to tax shelter that growth.  Even though taxation of Canadian dividends is favourable, it is still nice to not have to pay ANY tax because it is invested in a TFSA.

There are a plethora of Canadian dividend blogs out there, some who I have frequented for many years, and some who are on the newer side (both to me and to the personal finance blogging world).  I thought it would be nice to have a list of the Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs available out there for easy reference.

Eligibility criteria for the Ultimate List of Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs:

  • Has to be a Canadian blog
  • Shares dividend income updates
  • Shares dividend income goals
  • Shares components of what is included in their dividend portfolio
  • Writes about dividend investing portfolio ideas, thoughts, and strategies
  • Recent posts (within 1 month)
  • Any blog that does not meet this criteria will be removed from this list

On this list, you’ll find Canadian dividend bloggers who share their portfolios so it can give you some investing ideas (of course you should do your own due diligence when investing if you are a DIY investor) or you can follow along with their dividend collecting journey and their dividend gardening.

Of course, when you are a dividend investor (especially Canadian dividend investor) you have to be cautious that you are not incorporating too much “Canada” in your investment portfolio since there is a risk of home bias and Canada’s economy is actually just a sliver of the total world’s GDP (sliver meaning around 2%).

Like a speck.  A grain of sand.  A piece of dust.

Canada is nothing compared to our neighbours to the South (United States) and to the East (China).

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For my own dividend income updates, check out the tracking of my forward annual dividend yield here.  I update my spreadsheet every month.

For your own dividend yield spreadsheet tracker, feel free to sign up for a free one here (and also get money saving tips, investing tips, and my random musings on managing money in Canada… a win-win situation if you ask me, though I am biased).

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Ultimate List of Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs

In no order of preference, here’s the Ultimate list of Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs from the West Coast (best coast) to the East Coast.

British Columbia Dividend Investing Blogs

British Columbia Dividend Investing Blogs

The Dividend Earner is from the west best coast as well and has an impressive $32,000 in annual dividend income from both USD and CAD portfolios in 2022.  He has been blogging since 2010.  He fired his financial advisor in 2009 and started the DIY approach and hasn’t looked back since.

Liquid Independence from Freedom 35 blog is also from Vancouver and achieved financial independence before 35, at the age of 32.  He is earning $30,000 in passive income from dividends, rental income, and interest income.  He isn’t afraid to use leverage and debt to invest and has amassed an impressive net worth (over $1,000,000) investing in alternative things such as peer to peer lending, real estate crowdfunding, and investing in farming land.  His investing style is very diverse and interesting, I always learn something when I visit his blog.

Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement (DGI&R for short) is also from the best west coast in British Columbia and is a professional accountant.  He didn’t post for about a year and now is back up to posting, he was absent because he became a first-time dad!  He has a popular list of Canadian Dividend All-Stars where he tracks the number of years of dividend history of a company and the market trends.

Bob from Tawcan is also from the metro Vancouver area, is a father of two, and is an avid dividend and FIRE blogger.  He has a whopping 69 dividend companies in his dividend portfolio with 2 Index ETFs.  His dividend portfolio generates over $40,000 annually.

Alberta Dividend Investing Blogs

Alberta Dividend Investing Blogs

Nelson Smith is formerly known as Financial Uproar is officially retired as of 2022.  He’s married to another financial blogger and lives in Alberta.   Nelson doesn’t share his portfolio either but he has some good stock reviews and opinions through his Substack, Uproar Capital.

Manitoba Dividend Investing Blogs

Manitoba Dividend Investing Blogs

Jordan from Money Maaster is from Winnipeg (I’m glad I could put in some prairie representation from this list of Canadian Dividend Blogs!) and is a dad of two adorable kids.  He has a total annual dividend yield is over $16,282 in 2022.  He is also funny and self-deprecating as he thinks he is Canada’s least read personal finance blogger.  He also shares some cocktail recipes and pictures of his cute kids and reviews booze and whisky on his blog.

Jordan and I have a little wager going on, whoever gets to a 7 figure portfolio gets the other a drink.  The drink will mailed by Canada Post, I guess.

Ontario Dividend Investing Blogs

Ontario Dividend Investing BLogs

Matthew is in his 30’s and is from All About the Dividends is from small-town Ontario.  In 2022 he brought in dividend income of $8541 annually.  He shares his dividend income (complete with awesome graphs and charts and colours) and net worth monthly.  He’s also really nice and a great follow on Twitter.

Passive Canadian Income is a landscaper by trade and a 30-something father of two children.  Rob lives in Ontario and has a goal to have $25,000 in passive income by the year end of 2022.   He supplements his dividend income with other passive income streams, such as generating passive income from the solar panels on the roof.  He is another great follow on Twitter and tells it like it is.

Mark from My Own Advisor has been blogging for a long time (long time meaning since I have been blogging which is over 10 years ago).  He lives in Ottawa with his wife and is a big hockey Ottawa Senators fan.  His goal is to have a $1,000,000 investing portfolio with a conservative 3% annual yield (or $30,000 passive dividend income).  He reached the first goal in 2020 ($1,000,000), and will reach his second goal of $30,000 in passive dividend income in 2023.

Graham from Reverse the Crush has epic charts and graphs detailing his dividend income.  Although he doesn’t disclose his investments because of a conflict of interest, the YoY results and detailed graphs are enough to impress any blog visitor!  Graham is Canadian and I believe he is representing from the 416 area code (Toronto area).  He takes great landscape and cityscape pictures!

Roadmap to Retire is from Ottawa and has a baby girl who he invests with an RESP for.  He shares his main portfolio here, which is comprised of dividend companies, and also some cryptocurrency!  He achieved his goal of $8000 a year in passive income for 2019.  He also has some great graphs about his asset allocation and has just under 50% allocated in basic materials.

Finance Journey has a goal to reach $25,000 of annual dividend income by the year 2024.  He actually reached this in June of 2022!  On his blog he shares both net worth updates and dividend income updates.

Susan Brunner on Investment Talk hasn’t had a mainstream job since 1999 (yes, that means she has been FI since 19 years ago- amazing stuff right?).  She’s one of the main dividend blogs that I have followed over the years as her analyses of stocks are very methodical.  She updates and reviewed current holdings and reviews dividend stocks that she may be interested in.  You can see a huge list of the stocks she has gone over and reviewed here.  She’s been featured on Globe and Mail (2015) and Moneysense (2012).  She’s in her 70’s now and has had 4 decades of investing (amazing stuff!  Talk about female empowerment).  She lives in Toronto and is a retired business analyst.  Although she doesn’t share her portfolio value, her stock reviews are amazing.

Dale Roberts from Cut the Crap Investing posts a LOT.  He does weekly weekend reads and he also shares his U.S. portfolio on Seeking Alpha.  He has over 300 articles written on Seeking Alpha and also writes for Moneysense.

Ontario Dividend Investing Blogs

Quebec Dividend Investing Blogs

Sunny from The Dividend Girl has been blogging about what is in her portfolio since 2009. She recently turned 40 years old and has an investment portfolio of over $361,000.  She is a French-Canadian living in New Brunswick and learned how to invest from the famous Canadian early retiree, Derek Foster (who apparently has EIGHT kids now!).  She’s not afraid to use leverage and margin to invest in her dividend paying companies.

The Dividend Guy Blog is also French Canadian and has three children.  Mike Heroux recently quit his job and he shares his $100K portfolio here that was initially funded by the commuted value of his pension.   He has retired from the corporate world at the age of 35 and is now financially independent.  He enjoys traveling around the world and recently went to Vietnam for a month with his family.

German from Dividend Income Stocks blogs from Montreal, Quebec and has two girls.  He has over $400 a month in passive dividend income.  His goal is to have $1000 a month in dividend income.  His average annual portfolio yield is 5.28% and he started dividend investing in 2013.  His largest holding is Killam apartment REIT.  Those REITs are very popular, aren’t they?

Newfoundland Dividend Investing Blogs

Newfoundland Dividend Investing Blogs

Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey my personal idol, has achieved a $1,000,000 net worth by age 35 (in 2014) and then set forth to achieve a new goal of $60,000 in dividend/passive income in 2020 (which has been also achieved).  He’s from Newfoundland and is a dad of two children.  His total dividend yield (on average) is a conservative 3.71%.  He has one of the top personal finance blogs in Canada as well.

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Honorary US Dividend Blogger

So in my sleep-deprived state, I somehow thought DGI was from the Vancouver area.  Unfortunately, he’s not, he’s actually based out of the US.  But I’ll keep him on here anyway because I’m Canadian and am nice, eh.  Dividend Growth Investor writes detailed posts analyzing dividend paying companies such as Hormel Foods (SPAM! No, not the blog kind, the edible kind), and Clorox.  He has been blogging for a long time too, since 2008.

He’s a great follow on Twitter (he has over 140,000 followers) and shares great inspiring tweets about dividend investing.  He references Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger frequently, I am a fan.

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If you’re interested in learning how to create your own investing portfolio, please have a look at Young Money Bootcamp eCourse.  This is an eCourse I have created that is over 22,000 words, spreadsheets, and videos, and you will learn how to rebalance your portfolio.  It’s free.

Canadian investing doesn’t have to be complicated when you have inspiration to follow.

You can also check out my 5 Favourite Canadian Dividend Stocks to Invest In.  Hint:  $FTS is one of them.

If you’re interesting in learning more about dividend investing, here are the 5 dividend investing books that I recommend.

I enjoy tracking my dividends and distributions on a monthly basis using the Wealthica Income Power Up.  Here’s my Wealthica review– in a nutshell it is a way to track your investment portfolio easily, especially if you have investments in more than one place.  It’s free to sign up.

Did I miss any other Canadian dividend blogs?  

What is your favourite thing to read on Canadian dividend investing blogs?

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42 thoughts on “Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs: The Ultimate List”

  1. Well GYM, given my blog you know this post is of great interest to me. I think I read or have read about 75% of them. I think Roadmap2Retire is also Canadian and I didn’t see them on the list. I didn’t know DGI was Canadian. That was one of the first blogs I started reading back in the day Thanks for putting it together. Tom

    • @Tom- Hey you mean you don’t find “how to get back to pre-pregnancy weight for free” interesting to you? Haha 🙂 Thank you, updated him on the list. I think I get Roadmap2retire confused with “Route to Retire” which is a US based blog that isn’t about dividend investing lol. DGI is NOT Canadian, he’s one of the first blogs I started reading too, I don’t know why I thought he was.

  2. I now have several more dividend investing blogs to follow. Thanks for the list GYM (and for including me on it).

    Also Dividend Growth Investor is from Vancouver? I love how we all know absolutely nothing about him. The mystery continually intrigues me. Is he a spy? A secret agent? He’s whatever you imagine.

    • @Nelson- Of course, we are old friends, you are, after all, my old Internet ex-boyfriend HAHA. Yeah, you know, I think I must have made up that he’s from Vancouver BECAUSE there was no information about him on his site haha.

  3. Nice list. Dividend investing sounds a good approach to accumulate wealth. The tax advantages in Canada make it more attractive. I don’t invest in individual stocks, and just invest in the index funds to make it easy.

    • @Helen- Index funds are fantastic too- more tax advantaged than dividend stocks because you can just make your own dividend by pruning the nest-egg 🙂

  4. Wow great list! I have some catching up to do:)
    I didn’t know Graham was Canadian , I should pay attention. I also love his charts and how he documents his progress.
    Thanks for including me GYM

    • @DGI- I’ll keep you on the list in a separate section. You are FAMOUS and have inspired everyone on this list since 2008!

  5. I had no idea some of these bloggers were from Canada! I’m not a dividend investor but I’ve certainly been inspired to get into it after following the successes this group has had. Admittedly, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my investments especially when it comes to researching stocks and I can’t picture myself keeping on top of dividend tracking. Guess I’ll watch from the sidelines 😉

    • @sarah- it’s super rewarding to see payments come in for doing nothing! I think that’s why it’s so attractive 🙂 there are some great dividend ETFs too but usually individual dividend stocks are better than dividends.

  6. Nice list GYM!! I didn’t know a couple of these were from Canada! I like how you have criteria to get on it – people will be striving to meet it! I think our buddy Graham with RTC is from the Toronto area. The other, as equally cool, coast! ? ?
    Have a great week!

    • @Mrs DS- We Canadians hide our Canadian-ness pretty well, I think. Canadians are pretty cool, given that Russell Peters is also Canadian 😉 Oh good to know Graham is from the T-dot 🙂 Have a great week too Mrs!

  7. Hello there,

    I really enjoy reading your useful posts. E.g. the $350 bank promotion you posted. Also, the dividend income page. A passive dividend income of $20k per year is my goal for 2021 as well.

    What do you think about covered call BMO ETFs? I like their ZWE ETF that tracks large insurance, financial and industrial companies in Europe. They deploy covered call strategies to get an enhanced dividend yield.

    I also like ZWU that tracks Utilities in Canada. These are cash generating powerhouses with monopolies across all of Canada. Would love to hear your opinion on this strategy of higher dividend yields.


    • @Dividiend Scholar- Thanks for visiting! I don’t have an opinion on covered call BMO ETFs, just looking at that yield, very attractive! I’m trying my best not to chase yield and continue to just plunk money into VXC/XAW for <2% yield.

  8. Hey GYM, thanks a lot for including me! Great list! I’m glad to see you kept DGI on the list as well. That is one of the first dividend blogs I started reading. Thanks for the kind words about my charts and graphs. I recently started sharing more details about which stocks paid monthly, because I no longer work in finance. I used to work for Royal Bank and CIBC and had stock sharing plans, so it was a conflict of interest. I share more details now that I’m working part-time, but my savings rate is a bit lower so growth has slowed down. It should start picking up soon again though. Thanks again for putting this together and including me! ?


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