Rogers Red World Elite MasterCard Review

I applied for this card years ago after my beloved MBNA World Elite Mastercard sent me a letter announcing that they were going to start charging an annual fee, in addition to devaluing the cash back points (but keeping the points for travel the same).  I then researched 5 alternatives to the MBNA World Elite Mastercard that did not charge a fee and also provided cash back.  Here’s my Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard review.

Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard Review

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After much deliberation, I decided to apply for the Rogers Red World Elite MasterCard.  The Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard is a cashback card in disguise.  Here’s my review.

Once you get your card, you can also sign up for a Rogers Bank credit card account to monitor your credit card statements and spending, online here.

Here’s my review after using the Rogers Red World Elite MasterCard for a few years. As of April 2024 it has rebranded from the Rogers World Elite Mastercard to the Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard.  The card itself had a black sleek design and does look pretty high-end and has been released since 2018, but as of 2024 it is a red card.

The Rogers Red Mastercard World Elite Rewards

Here are the rewards for your credit card spend, if you are a Rogers, Shaw, or Fido customer you get better treatment:

  • 1.50% return on cash back rewards with no maximum spend
  • If you are a Rogers, Fido, or Shaw customer you get 2% cash back
  • You also get 5 Roam Like Home days a year if you are a Rogers, Fido, or Shaw customer
  • 3% on unlimited cash back rewards on purchases made in USD currency currency (they will charge you a 2.5% foreign currency conversion) but you will net 0.5%-ish if you don’t include the poorish exchange rate the credit card companies will give you
  • For non-USD currency purchases, you get 2% cash back
  • Can redeem you points using the Mastercard Pay with Rewards app (you have to download it) and you can redeem for whatever you want on your statement (it will show you whether your purchase is eligible for redemption or not)
  • If you are a Rogers, Fido, or Shaw customer you get 1.5x redemption bonus on eligible Rogers, Fido, and Shaw purchases which is a 3% cash back value

The Perks

  • The Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard insurance are excellent for a World Elite Mastercard.  The additional perks that you would expect from a World Elite card are (here is a link to the certificate of insurance for more details):
    • Extended Warranty (they will double the manufacturer’s warranty up to a maximum of one year, with limitations, for example, smartphones and drones are excluded from this)
    • Purchase Protection  (the insurer will pay for the replacement or the purchase price of any covered item when it is damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase on the card)
    • Rental Car Collision/Damage (if the rental was charged to the World Elite Mastercard)
    • Out-of-Province/Out-of-Country Emergency Medical (if you, your spouse and dependents are under age 75 and for the first 10 days if you are under 65 and for 3 days if you are age 65 to 75.  Pre-existing conditions are not covered).  You don’t have to charge your trip on this card to be covered (bonus!).
    • Trip Interruption (up to $1000)- The Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard insurance
    • Trip Cancellation (up to $1000)
    • Mastercard Travel Pass provided by DragonPass membership which allows you access to airport lounges world wide but each time you access one it is $32 USD.

To Get Approved

To get approved you will need a minimum income of more than $80,000 or a household income of more than $150,000 and an approved credit check.

The Annual Fee


None!  It’s free!

Supplementary cards are free too.  Music to my ears.  It is one of the few World Elite MasterCard cards that do not charge an annual fee.’s Opinion:

In my opinion, if you want a card that gives a straight up 1.50% cash back with no annual fee, I think you should get this card if you like a straight up 1.50% cash back instead of having to second guess through different categories (like 4% on groceries or something).

I will stay loyal to this card just as I was loyal to the MBNA World Elite credit card for over 12 years.  There aren’t many no fee cash back cards that give 1.50% return.  Most have categories or maximum spends. There are some such as the Tangerine Money Back card that gives 2% cash back, but on other purchases, it equates to 0.5%, which is not very good if you’re looking for ‘one card’ to simplify things.  For the purchases that I tend to make with this card, using this card rather than the Tangerine card will work better for me and give me better ROI.

There are also 10% cash back credit cards available but they are only promotional and not ongoing.

It offers a lot of huge perks, such as out of country travel medical insurance for up to 10 days (if you are under 65) and extended warranty protection and purchase protection.

It also is a great card if you want to travel outside of Canada and want to avoid the foreign conversion fee that most credit card issuers slap on (well you will still have to pay it but it will be compensated with the cash back of 3%).

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See the screen show below on how to pay with rewards, it is a straight forward process.

Cash Back with Rogers World Elite

It is a long term card in my wallet (a keeper card I call it) since it has no annual fee.

Readers, do you have the Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard?  What do you think of it?

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