Be Well Rewards: A Review of Rexall’s Loyalty Program

Everyone seems to be creating loyalty programs these days. Initially I was hesitant to sign up for yet another loyalty program, but since I go to Rexall sometimes to buy eggs and milk, I thought I should sign up for the Be Well Rewards program. Here’s a review of Rexall’s Be Well Rewards so you can decide whether signing for this points program is worth it.

Rexall Be Well Rewards Review

Rexall Be Well Rewards Loyalty Program

What is Rexall?

Rexall was established in 1904 in Canada and has over 400 pharmacies operating across Canada today. The Rexall Be Well Loyalty Program was created recently (previously they had a partnership with Air Miles).

It’s free to sign up for the Rexall Be Well Rewards Program.

It has a number of functions (not just to collect points). For example, you can add, manage, and refill prescriptions through the Be Well app (just by taking a photo of your prescription!), in addition to loading your personalized offers to collect points faster.

Also, they also have some offers that are offered exclusively for Be Well card holders. For instance, in this week’s offer, to get the $3.99 price of Pantene shampoo, you will need your Be Well card at the check out otherwise you will pay $4.99.

The ‘base’ points for earning are 10 Be Well points for every $1 spent.

And for every 25,000 Be Well Points you have, that’s redeemable for $10.

Points can be redeemed as early as 12 hours after they are earned.

Be Well Card (How to Sign Up)

When you sign up for the Rexall Be Well Card, they will give you a physical one at the cashier checkout. You can also just use the app if you have a smart phone, or you can upload it into something like the Stocard app.

The Rexall Be Well card can be ‘digitized’ and uploaded into your Stocard app- this is one of my favourite personal finance apps in Canada.

I personally hate carrying around loyalty cards my wallet would just burst if I included all of he ones I use in addition to all the credit cards I carry around.

It doesn’t cost any money to get a Rexall Be Well card.

How to Earn and Optimize Rexall Be Well Rewards

Collecting Be Well points via the conventional route of 10 points per $1 spent will probably take you quite a long time to collect enough for $10 off, especially if you are not a frequent shopper of Rexall.

Load Your Personalized Offers

Therefore, it is best to maximize their Be Well Rewards points through loading your personalized offers and also keeping an eye out for their promotions for additional points.

Unfortunately you have to log into the app or the website to load your personalized Rexall offers in order to get them. This is similar to the PC Optimum app.

Interestingly, the personalized offers can be combined with the other weekly flyer promotions offered.

Keep An Eye Out for Rexall Flyer Promotions

As a Canadian personal finance blogger who enjoys saving money, I love checking out flyers.

There are promotions offered in the weekly flyers for additional points, you can easily check these out with the Flipp app. For example, this one is 25,000 additional Be Well Points if you spend $50 in store (it doesn’t include money spent on prescriptions).

Rexall Be Well Rewards Bonus Earn

Link Your Card to an RBC Credit Card

Rexall has a partnership with RBC (Royal Bank) whereby if you link your Rexall Be Well Card within 30 days of approval, you can get 50,000 Rexall Be Well points. This is called the Be Well + RBC Linked Program.

Also, if you use your RBC credit card to make purchases at Rexall, you get 50 points per $1 spent instead of the usual 10 points per $1 spent. I guess this is somewhat analogous to the President’s Choice Financial Mastercard shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart or Superstore for PC Optimum Points.

Usually when I buy something at Rexall (usually it is eggs and milk) then I use my RBC credit card so I can get more Be Well points.

Take Advantage of Bonus Redemption Offers

Finally, there are bonus redemption offers for Rexall Be Well.

For example, in the past, if you redeem 25,000 Be Well points you can get 5000 Be Well points deposited back into your account.

Essentially you get $10 points when you spend 25,000 points and you get $2 in points back.

The points value “5000 points” makes it seem so attractive, but in reality, it’s just $2 equivalent back.

I guess it’s better than nothing.

How to Sign Up for Rexall Be Well

To sign up for the Rexall Be Well Program you can do it in a number of ways.

First you can obtain your card from the checkout at Rexall (I’m sure they will be happy to give you one they probably have some sort of quota they wish to meet for number of Be Well cards they give out).

You still have to download the Rexall Be Well app (available on Google Play or Apple) or visit to get started.

Otherwise, you can just download the app if you don’t want a physical card on your smart phone. You will be assigned a Rexall Be Well card number.

Rexall Be Well Rewards Vs PC Optimum Program

How does the Be Well Rewards compare with Canada’s most popular grocery store loyalty program, the PC Optimum program?

Personally I think the PC Optimum program is better.

I was confused about the Be Well points because their points value is different from the PC Optimum points value, however the base ‘earn’ rate is pretty much the same.

10 Be Well points are earned for $1 spent and 10 PC Optimum points are earned for every $1 spent at Superstore though at Shoppers Drug Mart it is 15 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent.

However, their redemption is quite different.

A redemption of 25,000 Be Well Points is $10 but a redemption of 25,000 PC Optimum points is worth $25.

Also, in terms of earning opportunities, Rexall Be Well also doesn’t have the 20 times the points offer like PC Optimum does.

They do both have a credit card associated with the program where you can earn more points if spending with that particular credit card.

Is The Be Well Program Worth the sign Up?

I haven’t had enough in Rexall Be Well points to even redeem $10 off yet (lol) but I will eventually get there with some targeted spending on personalized offers especially if you can get bonus points for spending $20 or lower.

I find it difficult to spend more than $20 at Rexall because their sale prices are not the best, however there are some items that are very reasonably priced when they are on sale, like for example, eggs, and Nosh&Co potato chips, and Vim counter top cleaner or bleach to keep your house clean.

Sometimes they have a clearance section with clearance diapers as well, or seasonal goods they are trying to clear like Christmas lipbalm.

I think it’s worth the sign up if you go to Rexall regularly or if you have an RBC Mastercard that you normally use (for example, the Westjet RBC World Elite Mastercard) when shopping.

However, the Rexall Be Well program truly pales in comparison to the robust and well loved PC Optimum program.

Also one final point, Rexall does not partake in the Scanning Code of Practice in Canada.

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