PF Blog Round Up: Travel Credit Cards Edition

I have been on quite the travel credit card frenzy. I think I have opened up about 6-7 credit cards between my husband and I in the span of a two months with the goal of going to this place next year (see the picture below, can you guess where that is?) in addition to Disneyland. Disneyland tickets for two day passes with Genie pass (apparently that’s a necessity to get, the Genie pass) is about $350 per person.

Hint, Joe from Retire By 40 recently visited over the winter break and shares a breakdown on how much it cost to visit this place for 3 people for 8 days.

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The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite is now first year free (as of January 4, 2024) if you want six free lounge access (as I often say, once you lounge you can’t go back) and $300 worth in Scene+ Points if you spend $1000 in the first three months. Just like the TFSA is not just a savings account anymore (you should invest it), the Scene+ Points are not for Cineplex movies anymore (you should use them for travel).

They are flexible, the Scene+ Points come quickly to your account, AND you can use them up to 12 months after the travel period. That means you can travel first if needed and redeem your Scene+ Points towards your travel later on. Here’s my review of the card if you are interested.

Also if you have a Scotiabank Ultimate account the annual fee is waived.

PF Blog Round Up

Mark from My Own Advisor shares his 2024 Financial Resolutions and they are simple- to max out on their RRSP contribution room and to save up for their 2025 TFSA contribution. Hey will be marking an exciting milestone in 2024, paying off their mortgage fully.

Bob from Tawcan also shares his 2024 plans. He shared that he worked from home for most of 2023 and went into the office handful of times, but at the same time his days were blurred and sometimes worked 10 hour days! He also shared that his job might have been in jeopardy, but he’s in a good position if that were to happen since his family’s dividends cover the core expenses. I guess working from home is a double edged sword- it has been a real gift for people with families as they are able to be more present and available (for example, being there at pick up and drop off) but at the same time the lines can blur. I was watching my children swimming the other day (on a weekday off) and the person next to me got a call from work…and I overheard her say she was working today. Prior to that call she received she was playing some game intently on her phone, haha.

Robb from Boomer and Echo shares his investment returns for 2023. He is a big proponent of the asset allocation ETFs and advocates that any one who still have mutual funds should DIY invest for their 2024 resolutions (I agree). His portfolio (which is pretty much all VEQT) returned over 16%.

My time weighted 2023 investment returns were as below- not bad could be better but it is better than the TSX and I will continue to reduce my Canadian asset allocation (again going to be difficult not to be tempted by those Canadian dividends).

This result is from Passiv, they have a great goal tracker tool and calculates your time weighted returns easily. Passiv Elite is free for Questrade users.

Dividend Growth Investor on X/ Twitter shares 100 quotes from Charlie Munger who would have turned 100 on January 1.

Millennial Revolution shares her 2023 expenses, with a 4 month old baby. They were able to still keep it under $55,000 annually (with a long babymoon travel period). I have yet to calculate our family’s expenses yet (I don’t have fancy spreadsheets for this) but we spent about $8000 on extracurricular activities for our two kids. Embedded in that $8000 are expensive swim lessons, we made the switch because the community centre swimming classes just didn’t cut it.

Do you have any travel plans for 2024 and beyond?

Were you pleased with your 2023 returns?

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