PF Blog Round Up: Back to Routine Edition

September is here and it’s a new school year, I was like one of those moms to be so excited about the kids going back to school. Now during the week I get maybe 3 hours to my self (between pick up and drop offs, meal preparation, grocery shopping, errand running) which is better than 0 during the summer.

Dividend Daddy had an interesting thought that I have also been thinking about, about how many “good” years you have left.

I am expecting my good years to last until I am 70. After 70 things are not looking as good as when you are in your 60’s and you won’t be able to travel as much. There may be knee replacements, hip replacements, heart surgeries, high blood pressure medication, losses (loss of brothers and sisters, parents, friends)…the list goes on. Aging is not for the faint of heart.

PF Blog Round Up

Bob from Tawcan answers what he thinks is the optimal number of stocks in an investment portfolio. He has 48 dividend paying stocks and 1 ex-Canada ETF (XAW which is similar to VXC) and has plans to trim that to 45. I recently trimmed my portfolio further as well and eliminated a preferred share ETF and a S&P/TSX composite index ETF. The answer to the optimum number question is between 20 to 50.

Barry from Money We Have shares a time limited deal of the ever-popular American Express Platinum credit card for $99 which is ending in a few days. It’s technically $699 annual fee but there is a $400 dining credit and a $200 travel credit you could use which makes it $99 net. At dinner recently, one of my friends recently shared that she has a $599 annual fee credit card (I noticed her card looked platinum) to try and rack up Aeroplan points. Unfortunately they didn’t take Amex so she couldn’t use it. I know the math works (and the points are worth it) but I still have trouble paying more than $150 for a credit card annual fee.

Kyle Prevost from Million Dollar Journey has some exciting news, he has created an ecourse called 4 Steps to a Worry Free Retirement. He acknowledges that he is not very good at marketing his course but guarantees that it will be worth your time and money, with a 100% money back guarantee.

Cashflow and Portfolios reassures everyone they can chill out and stop worrying about having millions for retirement despite the click bait fear mongering news articles. Yes you can retire with millions ($1.9 million at age 65), they run the numbers for you. Investing with a 6% annual rate of return over decades can give you $250,000 a year at age 80+ cash flow too.

Finally, this one is a little sad but a must read in my opinion. Vicky Robin from the life changing book Your Money or Your Life fame (the OG FIRE patriot) shares a heartfelt and introspective post about her turning 78 and facing her own mortality, knowing that the end is near. It’s a beautiful read, on aging: “It’s in me as I let my fears speak, fears of being alone, in pain, unable to take care of myself. Fears of disappearing, inch by inch, from the churn of society creating itself fresh in each moment. Facing into this with curiosity and acceptance is big work.

How many stocks and ETFs do you have in your portfolio?

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