PF Blog Round Up: Marathon Training Edition

My longest run before the actual marathon has been completed. I have tried to simulate the upcoming Vancouver marathon course as best as I could and on a recent run I can’t believe I ran from the UBC area all the way to the English Bay area, it’s a been surreal to look back across the ocean and see where you came from.

Running a marathon is like long term investing.

Little by little, step by step, you keep going despite the mundaneness of it all, and then you look back and realize how far you have come over time. Both require discipline and focus. Most people can’t go from 0 to 42.2km in one day (unless you want to severely damage your body) just like most people can’t ‘get rich quick’ from investing.

Also, we are all on our own journey. It can feel disheartening that others are faster than you and they seem to run like a gazelle or cheetah at a 4:30 km/min pace or that others’ portfolios or investment returns are better than yours, but you have to just focus on yourself. Have comfort that you are doing your best and are doing better or runner farther than the day before.

Here are some great reads for you this weekend:

PF BLog Round Up

Mark from My Own Advisor shares his April 2024 financial goals update. He’s officially mortgage free and plans to buy a PHEV in the near future. We have also been looking into getting a PHEV but our car looking adventures got cut short because it is too difficult to go car shopping with young kids (the young car salesman looked horrified after seeing my daughters bleeding nose when she got head butted by her brother last time we went to the dealership).

Get your Kleenex box ready, this wonderful X thread by Mike Hoffman shares the thoughts of 70-100 year olds their biggest lessons, biggest regrets, and advice to their younger self. There’s a theme, the most important thing is relationships as you get older. Material goods and chasing the “American (or Canadian) dream” is not as important.

The legendary Jack Bogle shares some wise advice on how to handle the next market decline. “Don’t do something, just stand there”. Dollar cost averaging has been a blessing to my own investing journey.

Joe from Retire by 40 says the greatest gift to his son is his ability to FIRE. Some people say that if you retire early you won’t be able to show hard work ethic to your children. Joe’s son thinks otherwise, and he has been taking his son to repair things at the rental. Actually I am finding that with work from home or hybrid options, today’s dads seem more present than ever. They are doing pick up and drop off, they are taking kids to their sporting events or other extracurricular activities. I am curious how Generation Alpha will turn out when they grow up with both parents being so supportive and involved. My kids actually think I work more than my husband, which I think sometimes actually might be true (In my job I work under 20 hours a week).

Finally, Bob from Tawcan shares a Q&A with Henry Mah. If you have not heard of Henry Mah he is the author of a few books and a blog called Your Ever Growing Income. He has a book of the same name. I haven’t had a chance to read his books yet. He started investing when he was 50 and he’s in his 80’s now. He is a proponent of dividend growth investing. He even does financial coaching for charity (you will donate to Salvation Army).

Have a great weekend!

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