PF Blog Round Up: Michelin Star Edition

I can be quite frugal but lately I’ve been loosening up the reigns on my spending a bit. I have always wanted to try a Michelin star restaurant to see what the fuss is about. My husband is I would say, more frugal than me, and is definitely not a foodie. On our third date we went to McDonald’s. For his birthday dinner this year he just wanted to have some $14 a bowl noodles to celebrate.

So I usually go out for ‘fancier’ meals with my friends instead. Some Vancouver restaurants were recently awarded one Michelin star. These are probably around $100-$200+ per person.

If you haven’t heard of them, the Michelin Guide is a guide to restaurants around the world, giving up to three Michelin stars for culinary excellence. Yes it’s the same Michelin as Michelin Tires. Here’s the history on the Michelin Guide, it was created over a century ago as a means to sell more tires.

Anyway so I took my friend (who raves about gourmet dining and Michelin star restaurants) to this restaurant that served Peking duck (roasted duck wrapped in thin tortillas). $275+ later, it was a bit disappointing and didn’t taste that great (the duck tasted dry to me), but it was nice decor, drinks were good, and the service was good.

Maybe I need to give a 3 Michelin Star restaurant a try, ha!

PF BLog Round Up

Cashflow and Portfolios look sat some of the best ETFs for your RRSP. I have a large proportion of my portfolio in the US S&P500 Index ETF, VTI but have run out of space in my RRSP for it. I also have an even larger proportion invested in VXC, Vanguard’s ex-Canada ETF.

Joe from Retire by 40 makes a big announcement and says good-bye to SAHD FIRE and hello Barista FIRE. He’s trying out food delivery and other part-time gigs now that he has more time on his hands and wants to build a beach cabin in Thailand that will probably cost around $30,000. He shares his experience on Twitter, he just started delivering food and so far it doesn’t seem too profitable yet but I’m sure the momentum will build. It’s also good to hear that there will be more time on the horizon because I just feel like there is no time at all right now.

Bob from Tawcan takes a deeper look at their top 5 long term holdings. He has managed to reduce his ETF and stock portfolio from over 70 to 49 and plans to reduce it further to 40. He used to have VXC and then switched to XAW for the lower MER but VXC has a lower MER now but he doesn’t plan to switch back. Both are good ex-Canada ETF options.

Save Spend Splurge shares some basic b*tch numbers you should know about your money. I recently met up with an old friend of mine who was visiting from out of town. She told me her husband handles all the money (they are dual income earners) and she doesn’t even know (or hadn’t checked) if she got paid this month or how many time she got paid. They share 100% of their income into one big pot. I’m a proponent of sharing your money or having some joint finances, but I think it’s important for both partners to have at least some basic numbers such as inflow and outflow of cash. This is how my husband and I share our finances.

Finally, Ben Carslon, from a Wealth of Common Sense, explains why the stock market makes you feel bad all the time. The last all time high for the S&P500 was January 2022. It has been over 400 days since the last all time high. He looks at the number of days from a trough to a peak since 1950 and you can see below that it normally takes a long time to recover.

Have you tried any Michelin Star restaurants? Would you say that your dining experience lived up to the hype?

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2 thoughts on “PF Blog Round Up: Michelin Star Edition”

  1. I like to visit Michelin-recommended restaurants in Thailand. It’s way cheaper. Most of them are bib gourmands, though. That’s a step below 1 star.
    In Portland, we tried a few before they got Michelin stars. That’s the best time to go. Once they get a star, they raise the price and it’s always packed. Oh, we visited the French Laundry with friends about 25 years ago. It was awesome. Still one of the best meals we ever had.
    Food delivery is getting better. I’m getting around $20/hour. That’s not bad because I only want to work 2-3 hours per day.

    • @Joe- French Laundry I’ll have to look into that- sounds like a memorable meal. I tried a few Bib Gourmands here in Vancouver before they became Bib Gourmands and I haven’t gone back to check the price inflation hah!


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