PC Optimum Points: 6 Ways to Optimize Your Points

In this post I’ll review how you can earn PC Optimum points, how you spend PC Optimum points, how to add points to PC optimum from receipt, and how you can maximize your earning potential.  Read now to find out  how many PC Optimum points you have to get towards your PC points goals.

I have a confession as a Canadian personal finance blogger.  I am somewhat of a Loblaw’s PC Optimum Points addict.

Prior to that, I was a huge Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points addict.  I would spend some Friday nights circling my flyers to add up the minimum spend of $50 to get my 20x the points on those 20x Saturdays (to get to $50 pre-tax).

Since the big merger of points program happened (PC Points merging with Shoppers Optimum points to become the PC Optimum program) in February 2018, many were very skeptical and freaked out that the program would worsen.

Admittedly, this included myself, I thought the sky was falling and the points program was doomed to be something disappointing.

PC Optimum Points: How to Optimize Your Points

Thankfully I was wrong.

The PC Points Program is one of the top loyalty programs in Canada, according to the Globe and Mail.

As part of this PC Optimum review, here’s a look at what the app looks like.

Upcoming PC Optimum Offers

How to Earn PC Optimum Points

There are a few ways that you can earn PC Optimum Points.

Shop at Loblaw’s Stores

This is easy to do in Canada since Loblaw’s has about 30% of the grocery business market share in Canada according to Statista.

Load the offers and if you buy what your offer is, you get points.  If you just have the PC Optimum app, you will NOT get points on regular purchases, only on offers. 

So sometimes you won’t get any points at all if there are no offers that you are taking advantage of.  You can earn PC Optimum points at Superstore and No Frills, for example.  Basically the PC Optimum card is the Superstore points system.

Shop at Shoppers Drug Mart 

Shop at Shoppers Drug Mart, Shoppers Home Healthcare, and Pharmaprix stores (in Quebec) and online at Beauty Boutique and wellwise.ca, and earn 15 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent. 

I love shopping with the Beauty Boutique online, I find it comparable or better than Sephora.  Here’s my Shoppers Beauty Boutique review.

Get a PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

This is one of the best ways to earn PC Optimum points fast.

You earn 30 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent at Loblaws stores (here is a list), at Shoppers Drug Mart you get 45 PC Optimum Points (which is owned by Loblaw’s) and 10 PC Optimum Points for other purchases.

So it works out to be about 3% cash back at Loblaws stores and 1% elsewhere.  You also earn at least 30 PC Optimum points per litre at Esso if you pay with your PC Financial credit card.

Earn PC Points at Esso

Unfortunately if you have the World Elite you will need to have a minimum $15,000 annual spend or you will be downgraded.

Book travel through PC Travel

If you have a PC Financial Mastercard or are a PC Insiders member, you get 30 points per $1 spent booked through PC Travel.

Here’s my PC Travel review of my booking experience through the website.

Fill up your gas tank at Esso or Mobil

You can earn 10 points per litre when you fill up at Esso

Don’t forget to input your phone number associated with the PC Optimum points account prior to filling up to collect points. 

Points will show up on your app in a few days.

These days, however, I have to submit a points inquiry after I fill up with gas and collect my PC points that way.

Here are some other ways to save money on gas.

Sometimes there are promotions for gas within your PC Optimum app, like getting 2000 PC Optimum Points for visiting an Esso station and buying gas.

Sign up for a PC Money Account

You can earn 10 PC Optimum points for every $1 you spend, everywhere you shop and 25 PC Optimum points spent at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

The PC Money Account is basically a bank card like account (though it’s not a bank).

Here’s how you can earn up to 300,000 PC Optimum points ($300 value) with this new bank account promotion signing up for a PC money account.

Load Your PC Optimum Card Offers

Again, if you don’t have it automatically loaded, remember to LOAD YOUR OFFERS to earn the points!  For example, sometimes you can ear 3000 PC Points on diapers (that’s equivalent to $3 off).

I didn’t have my email offers for over a year and would show my PC Points card (this was before the merger) and not get any points.  I thought it was the worst points program ever. 

It frustrated me to no end, and then a nice cashier told me to give the PC Points people a call, and they explained that since I wasn’t loading my offers so that’s why I wasn’t getting any points.  Anyway, that’s in the past now, they are now the PC Optimum program.

Unfortunately, you don’t get PC Points when you buy items from the Flashfood App.

To load your offers, basically you just need to click on the PC Optimum app BEFORE you go shopping at a Loblaws store.

Here is a step by step guide on how to load your offers.

How to Load your PC Optimum Offers

Here’s how to load your PC Optimum offers (I talked to a PC Optimum customer service representative and this is what they said):

  1. Download the PC Optimum app (it is one of the best Canadian personal finance apps out there)
  2. Click the app regularly and it will automatically load your offers when you open the app

PC Optimum

How to ADD PC Points From Receipt Online

There are times when you may forget to use your PC Optimum Card or you’re not using your PC Financial credit card at Esso for example (this happened to me recently).

I also sometimes forget to enter my phone number associated with my PC Points Account at the gas station (then missing out on PC Points added at the gas station).

Can you get PC optimum points after purchase?  

You can add your PC Optimum points from your receipt through the PC Optimum app online.

Here’s how to add PC points from a receipt:

  1. First you click on “Points” at the bottom of the app.
  2. Then you click on transactions.
  3. Scroll down and you’ll see “missing a transaction?” and click on “Start a Points Inquiry”.
  4. Enter the information (e.g. points missing) and you should get a reply within one business day (I got my points added within the same day)

For the points missing, you would say something like 10 PC points per litre under the information header.  Sometimes I accidentally put 10 PC points per $1 spent and they seem to approve it each time (it works out to be more since gas per litre is so expensive these days).

You can ALSO go under Account and scroll down to “Help and Support” and click on:

  • Start a Points Inquiry

Then click on where you are missing your points (e.g. PC Optimum offers, PC Financial, Beauty Boutique, Joe Fresh, or Esso).

As above, enter the missing points information, such as transaction date, transaction code (the transaction number is located on your receipt) and the missing points amount.

Just remember you have to submit your PC Points inquiry within the past 45 days of your purchase.

Recently, there was a flyer promotion for 25,000 PC Optimum points if you bought $100 worth of baby, beauty, home products at Superstore.  I probably spent about 1 hour of my time perusing the aisles to make sure I got $100 worth in those categories (two boxes of Pampers diapers already contributes to 60% of this target).

Anyway I got to the cashier, and unfortunately nothing showed up on the receipt.  I didn’t cancel the order because it was just too much effort wasted.  Instead I “Started a Points Inquiry” with the reason “spent $100 in beauty, baby, home products according to the flyer and did not get 25,000 PC Optimum points”.

Then, about 3 business days later I see a “Points Adjustment” of 25,000 PC Optimum points in my account. 

No one emailed or called, but it was nice to see that they adjusted it.

I’ve done this multiple times, even on their PC Points days, I didn’t get the promotion on the receipt but I followed the instructions to a tee (e.g. buy two large boxes of 225g of Cheerios to get 5000 PC Optimum points). 

I requested a points adjustment and get my 5000 PC Optimum points a day or two later.

How to Redeem PC Optimum Points

Now that you know how to collect PC Optimum points quickly, how do you redeem PC Optimum points?

It’s easy to spend PC Points.

There are so many options of what you could spend your points on, not just PC stores like Superstore.  You don’t have to redeem your Optimum points on something like 2000 Air Miles on an immersion blender that you don’t need.

What’s the PC Optimum points value?

10,000 PC points is equivalent to $10 off at Loblaw’s stores (you can redeem at places like Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart).

How much are 50,000 Optimum points worth?

50,000 Optimum points is worth $50.

You can use PC points at No Frills, it’s great getting free groceries.

When the cashier rings up your purchase, they ask you if you want to redeem your points.  If the bill comes up to $24.52 and you want to redeem your points, you can redeem 20,000 PC points and then you will pay the balance of $4.52.

Personally I like to spend my PC Optimum points on things like beauty products at Shoppers Drug Mart, like Origins face cream or facial cleanser or other things that I would not normally pay full price for.

Saving for a big ticket item like electronics is also a good way to use PC Optimum points.  Other times, we just spend it on something that we would not want to pay full price for.  For example, we bought $40 worth of automatic soap dispensers using PC Optimum points recently.  $20 for a soap dispenser!

Now that you know how to collect and spend your PC points, here are a few ways to optimize your PC Optimum points, so that you get the most bang for your PC Points buck.

You can redeem up to $500 maximum, but there is no maximum of how many points you can have in your PC Optimum account.

I would recommend keeping the balance on the lower end if you can, it would be awful to lose all those points for some reason to hackers, for example.  “Treat your card like cash” they say.

Finally, as of January 2022, you can redeem your PC Optimum Points at Esso stations.

  • 10 cents off per litre (maximum 40 L) when redeeming 4000 PC Optimum Points
  • A free car wash when redeeming 10,000 PC Optimum points (this is any car wash, even the Ultimate Car wash which is around a $17 value)

There is a limit of one redemption per day at the Esso station.

Now that we know how you can earn PC points, and how to keep track of them, here are some ways to MAXIMIZE your PC Optimum Points so you can get to redeem your points faster.

Sign Up for a PC Money Account

There’s a promotion for up to 300,000 PC Optimum Points when you sign up for a PC Money Account.

PC Money Account

In 2020, Loblaw’s announced they are getting back into the no fee banking in Canada business and created PC Money. The PC Money Account rewards you in PC Optimum Points.

Loblaw’s calls the PC Money Account an ‘online self-service money management account’.

Here’s how you can earn up to 225,000 PC Points when you sign up for a PC Money Account (not as good as a $300 cash or free iPad new bank account promotion though):

  • You can get 25,000 PC Optimum points if you fund your account with more than $200
  • 50,000 PC Optimum points when you have five $50+ bill payments
  • 150,000 PC Optimum points for referring three friends to a PC Money Account (50,000 PC Optimum points each Refer a Friend)

PC Money Account Bonus

Get a PC Mastercard

We have a PC Financial World Elite Mastercard and are really happy with it.

It’s no annual fee meaning it is free.

Points seem to come in abundance when using this card.  I also don’t have to fish out my PC Optimum Points app from my phone and just ‘tap for points’ with the card and again to pay.

It’s very straight forward.

PLUS I don’t have to ‘load my offers’ and it automatically gets loaded (though that might be because I have the app, I’m not sure which it is)– because who really has the time to load offers each week?

This is probably one of the main ways that we earn PC Optimum points so easily.  In fact, the PC Financial Mastercard is the best liked credit card in Canada according to a survey by JD Power as reviewed by the Globe and Mail.

How many points do you get with a PC Mastercard?

  • You earn 30 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent at Loblaws stores and at Shoppers  Drug Mart you get 45 PC Optimum Points and 10 PC Optimum Points for all other purchases. You also earn at least 30 points per litre at Esso gas stations.

The main downside is you have to have a minimum $15,000 annual spend on the card or else you will be downgraded to the next card down.

20X the Points at Shoppers DruG mart

This is probably the easiest way to acquire PCPoints, to go to Shoppers Drug Mart on the 20 times the points events.  They are very frequent now and seem to be a bonus personalized offer from the PC app regularly.

I try my best to only shop at Shoppers Drug Mart on the 20 times the points events.  Shoppers Drug Mart tends to have inflated everyday prices, so on the extra points days I try to buy everything on sale. 

For example, their eggs are usually a good price and they can have really low prices on Red Bull, for example.  But the ‘regular price’ for Red Bull at Shoppers Drug Mart is horrendous.

Prior to the merger, I was worried that the 20 times the Points Event at Shoppers would be few and far between, but actually, it seems like it is more often now.  Check your flyers regularly, I recommend downloading the Flipp app or check the website and you can look up the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer very easily.

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Take Advantage of Your Personalized PC Optimum Offers

The PC Optimum app sends you specialized emails and personalized offers to lure you into the store.  The app tells you when the offer expires and how long you have to take advantage of it.  It’s all algorithmic.

The offers will look something like this:

“Get 100 points for every $1 spent on Pampers diapers” (which is equivalent to $3 off groceries or beauty products for future use when your redeem since a box of diapers is $30)

For certain offers, you can click on the offer if you want to save it (e.g. if you don’t have a chance to make a diaper box run) for the following week.  See the example below.  Cilantro can wait.

PC Optimum offers save for later

Some offers on the app are just a ‘one day’ thing and these are often at Shoppers Drug Mart, e.g. 20x the points for a $50 spend and cannot be extended.  

Some of the offers are so frequent that I have become desensitized to them… for example, there are a lot of 20x the points “one day only” type offers for Shoppers Drug Mart.

To be honest, I don’t look closely at my personalized offers nor do I go to the store JUST to take advantage of my personalized offer (e.g. I’m not going to go out to buy beef on purpose just because I am offered 200 points for $1 spent on beef).  However, if it is for diapers I might be swayed!

Just make sure you open your app or load your offers otherwise you don’t get the PC offers!

Get Your Spouse to Sign Up for a PC Optimum Account and Link Them

There will be different personalized offers sent to your spouse and if he or she doesn’t do the shopping as much as you do, there might be some more enticing offers.  My spouse is not as obsessed about points hoarding as much as I am, so I signed up for a PC Optimum points with our joint email address under his name and can review the offers myself.

He is so not obsessed about PC points to the point that he has been filling up at gas at Esso (and sometimes without using our PC Financial Mastercard) without inputting my phone number to collect the PC Optimum points.  Yes, I have told him to fill up at Esso to collect the points but I think he has selective hearing.


He’s so not into collecting and ‘maintaining’ points that he lost 60,000+ Aeroplan points because they expired.  So much for Player 2!

Anyway, to link your PC points, you click Household to make sure everyone is collecting points for the same goal.

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Spend Your Points on Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption Days

These are my favourite days but they don’t come around very often.  I would say they are about four times a year.

They are called Spend Your Points Days.

You get ‘more bang for your points buck’ on these days.  Oftentimes I can’t get organized enough to go shopping on these days or can’t figure out what I want to buy to get e.g. $140 worth of goods, so I don’t go.  However, for the times that I have gone on these days, loading up on make up I’ve been wanting or expensive Origins face cream have made the redemption oh so sweet!

The redemption points value varies, but usually it is something like:

  • Spend 50,000 points get $65 off
  • Spend 100,000 points get $140 off
  • Spend 200,000 points get $300 off

The bonus redemption days are usually over the weekend, for 2-3 days.

On a Black Friday a few years ago, the bonus redemption was the best ever, it was 300,000 PC Optimum Points for $450 worth of merchandise.

That was a great spend your points day.

Consider Getting a PC Insiders Membership

I haven’t taken the plunge yet because I don’t really want to pay for annual memberships and unfortunately I am irrational and stubborn like that.

However, if you have a PC Insiders Membership, you can get more PC Optimum points.

With a PC Insiders Membership, you can get 10 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent on PC Product Purchases and Joe Fresh products (that’s 10% back).

As of October 2023, due to high demand  new subscribers tot he PC Insiders Membership are now closed. 

PC Insiders used to be better where you would get points back for diaper and baby product purchases.  They recently changed it to just include PC Product purchases.

A few years ago, they had a promotion for $60 back in PC Points (60,000 PC Points) when you sign up for an annual Insiders’ Membership.

Play No Frills Aisles of Glory

If you like the old school pixelated video games, you’ll like No Frills Aisles of Glory.  In previous years, I didn’t bother playing this game, however I’ve been on a kick on getting easy PC Optimum points for free (similar to getting free Starbucks Rewards points for free playing their games).

No Frills Aisles of Glory PC Optimum Points

It is only for a limited time. The game is usually in September.  You can play just once per day (for free), and if you play and don’t get a high score, they still give you 500 PC Optimum Points just for playing.

My highest score so far is 11,500 Points.

  • If you score between 1 – 14999 Points you can get 500 PC Optimum Points
  • If you score between 15000 – 49999 Points you will get 750 PC Optimum Points
  • If you score over 50000 you can get 1000 PC Optimum Points

If you manage to play all 16 days (it is about a few minutes per play, max) you can get $8 cash back in PC Optimum Points!

At the end of the play, you enter your PC Optimum card number, enter the numbers after 608559 on your PC Optimum card to get your points (they don’t get awarded right away).

It’s a pretty well made game, you’ll find yourself having more fun with it than you expected!

Maximize Your PC Optimum Points Recap

In this post, I reviewed how to sign up for PC points, how to spend your PC points, and most importantly how to maximize your PC Optimum points.

Here’s a summary of the six ways to maximize your PC Points.

  • Get a PC Mastercard
  • Take advantage of the 20x the Points events at Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Review your personalized PC Optimum Offers when you login
  • Get your spouse to sign up for a PC Optimum account and link them
  • Redeem Your points on Bonus redemption days
  • A PC Insiders membership will give you 10% back in points on PC Product purchases
  • Play the No Frills Aisles of Glory game (offered annually)

There we go, six tips on maximizing PC points, hope they are helpful for you!

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Do you have any other tips, tricks, and PC Optimum points hacks to share? 

What do you like to spend your PC points on?

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32 thoughts on “PC Optimum Points: 6 Ways to Optimize Your Points”

  1. The problem with PC is the prices are always higher. No points program is free and frankly, it is for me, not worth it unless I need certain things from PC.

    Any other pharmacy like Jean Coutu and Rexalls is globally, cheaper than Shoppers.

    The points savings are not worth the hiked up prices.

    • Interesting, depends on what you regularly buy I guess. No doubt Loblaws competes with the best of them but I’ve found prices at No Frills and Superstore to be super competitive. Add savings from the PC program and I’d say you cant get a better deal on groceries in Toronto.

    • @Sherry- Do you guys have No Frills and Superstore in Quebec? It’s pretty cheap. Shoppers on sale is not bad, as I mentioned their eggs are the cheapest in town, but their non sale prices are very high. I actually find Rexalls more expensive than Shoppers! And their stuff sells out quickly (I was irritated when they sold out of Vitamin D drops that were advertised on sale in their flyer as I trekked it out there with my cranky screaming toddler to save a few dollars on Vitamin D drops haha).

  2. All of our PC points tend to be spent on groceries. Like you, I love going to Shopper’s for eggs (with a toddler and my baking obsession, we easily go through 2 cartons a week). It’s also where we get all natural peanut butter and toilet paper. Grocery shopping is so expensive in Toronto and we don’t have a a car, so convenience is everything. There a Loblaws within a 20 minute walk from us, but I find their groceries to be expensive. I wish they would build a No Frills closer. Pre-baby, I used to make the trek and drag four bags of groceries on the subway once a month. But having the PC MasterCard is super helpful in getting the most points!

    • @Jessica- Wow 4 bags of groceries! Omg it’s so hard to go grocery shopping with babies! Now with two it’s even more difficult. Now I’m like a 10:30pm grocery shopper, lol.

  3. You said above “Again, if you don’t have it automatically loaded, remember to LOAD YOUR OFFERS to earn the points!” Are you saying that we are able to set it up so the offers are automatically loaded to my card? I pretty much always forget to update my app and load my offers every week lol.

    • @Leanne B- I contacted PC Optimum chat to ask your question because mine are automatically loaded now and I wasn’t sure why. The nice chat lady said when you open the app it loads automatically. It has nothing to do with the credit card. I guess I don’t realize how often I open the app!

  4. Thanks for the tip about the ‘save for next week’, never knew about that! Now I’m mad cos I missed some offers I could have deferred!

    I agree with @Sherry that sometimes the points you get may not be worth it if the price for goods is too high compared to elsewhere. I don’t have a Costco but that seems to be a great place for young parents (especially on getting bulk diapers).

  5. A little delayed because my computer died (RIP, 10 year old MacBook Pro!) but I am also STRAIGHT UP OBSESSED with PC Optimum. OBSESSED. Which makes me sad because for a LONG time I was not using this program very well (like you, I did not load my offers. When I started, you better bet I felt super dumb for holding out so long lol). I have saved SO much money through this program, it’s ridiculous, especially since — like you said — it’s not like you even really have to do a lot.

    One thing I really need to start doing more often is the 20X the points thing at Shoppers. We don’t go to Shoppers often…but I do love Urban Decay. The one time I shopped the Beauty Boutique on 20X the points day, I ended up getting something like $45 worth of points. The other nice thing was, because I bought online, I was able to use Ebates, too (which at the time was like..4-6 per cent cash back). It was a great little transaction for me.

    Not sure if it’s the same where you are, but one thing I don’t love is how you redeem points at the self check-out. We don’t use self check-out often but I don’t love that the only option it gives you is to use enough to cover the full balance (for example, if I bought $40 worth of stuff and had $60 worth of points, the check-out would make me use $40 instead of $20). But…that’s a pretty small gripe for an excellent program.

    • @Tara- I was inspired to use Beauty Boutique by your comment!! I’m excited waiting for my day cream to arrive (so hard to trek it out to a particular Shoppers Drug Mart with two young kids). Thanks! Yeah, I was wary of using the self checkout too, I definitely wouldn’t use it to redeem, but they are going to be more and more common. Do you have the mastercard too? I find it’s much faster to earn with the credit card.

      • I can’t believe how long it took me to realize that the Beauty Boutique is where it’s at! I love Sephora, don’t get me wrong, but the reward program is not nearly as good. Glad I could inspire you haha.
        I don’t have the Mastercard right now but I’m thinking about it! Been using the Tangerine one for the last year and really liking it for the cash back but considering how much money we spend on groceries (and gas. And makeup), it might be worth it to make the switch!

        • @Tara P- Or just add another card on 😉 It’s like 3% cash back at Loblaw’s stores, and Tangerine is only 2% cash back on certain categories.

  6. I use PC World Elite Mastercard for my everyday spending and love earning PC points as it saves me money on groceries. Due to being in a small city, No Frills and Independent’s are pretty competitive so I shop at Independent’s for better quality food. I only spend PC Points on groceries mainly on big grocery week like topping up laundry stuff and garbage bags. In my city, we have 2 gas stations on the Reserve only 5mins way that is 10-15 cents cheaper (more bang for buck vs collecting PC points) than the other stations so I mainly gas up there as opposed to filling up at Esso/Mobil but will go there if I’m in a different city. My husband now has the PC card so he does collect points where possible.

    I used to shop at Shoppers but ever since Loblaw’s have bought them out, the prices have skyrocketed to the point that I’m going to Rexall as it’s much more reasonably priced so I do lose out on PC points there. However, based on my math, the savings at Rexall far exceeds the savings from the PC Points. Obviously, YMMV as it’ll depend on which city the person is in.

    • @KQ- Interesting, another person who finds Rexall more economical than Shoppers! The selection at the Rexalls in Vancouver isn’t that great compared to Shoppers, and I haven’t found the deals that great at all, but maybe city-Rexalls are less stocked up than more rural Rexalls or Montreal Rexalls. Thanks for sharing your PC Optimum points acquisition strategies.

  7. Old PC points by themselves were not great, but when they introduced PC Plus (which now you see in PC Optimum with all these offers) it became much better, I use it a lot. It is nice they took Shoppers on-board since my points grew there very slowly and even expired once. Rexall (also good for weekend eggs) and Shoppers are great on sales, otherwise quite expensive,

    • @Yaraslav- Yes, totally agree Shoppers is great when stuff is on sale. The prices are somewhat horrific when it is not on sale/ regular price. I’m still surprised they have so many 20 times the points events with the switchover. It’s like almost every weekend!

    • @Sheila- Or Shoppers Beauty! 🙂 I like doing it both ways, the 20x points at Shoppers are great but for day to day shopping I go to No Frills and Superstore.

  8. Sounds like me! I LOVE those buy $100 get 10000 points. I did it just last Friday. Spent $110. It was tough to make it over $100 honestly as we didn’t need much so spent by buying on sale Dishwasher liquid and Olive Oil plus Egg was on sale (30 for $4.44 so bought 5. But got the 10000 ($10) which felt pretty awesome. I don’t know if their new subscription program is worth it.
    For Shoppers, I barely buy anything from there. Usually it is over-priced except when things are discounted.

    • @Y4Travel- Nice! 30 for $4.44 is a great deal for eggs. We don’t get the buy $100 get 10,000 points often but the Shoppers points are quite often. I did two weekends in a row of more than a $50 purchase to get the 20 times the points, and got something $35 back in points.

      • Yeah for the egg! It is at Maxi (Loblaw) or Super C once every 2 months usually. So I buy enough eggs for the family before the expiry date! I am sure people say what a weirdo in their mind when seeing me taking so many eggs!
        I think I should try the Shoppers Drug Mart 20 times points. Never imagined it could be $35 for a bit over $100 purchase! That is like 35% money back (Plus the 2-3% back from CC).

  9. I can’t resist– have to reply on the PC points– my wife and i make a game of this–we track every single food item that we purchase and aggressivly go for the least expensive we have every paid– for example- Maxwell house coffee 925 g – normally around 14.99 and shoppers- sometimes 12.99 — superstore sometimes 10,99 lots of times 8.97 – a few times 5.97 – the best price is 4.88 ==== now the fun part , when it’s 4.88 we know that a can lasts us 21 days – so we look at the expiry date and figure out how many we should buy at that price– and then we PAY with PC points and get it for FREE… We do this with every food item that we buy – our excel spread sheet on food pricing is over 10,000 items long– so we know the price of everything– to the gram- or pound – or ml —- and we also track how much FREE food we have recieved– that spread sheet is currently at over 10,700.00 in FREE food — its fun and i think we are saving a ton– and of course we never pay any interest on the credit card

    • @Steve- That really does sound like a fun game, definitely makes the PC Optimum points ‘stretch’ more. $10,700 in free food, wow, that’s amazing- that’s like a year of free food for some households!

  10. Several times the cashier has neglected to add points for bringing my own PC Cloth Bag. Today, I mentioned it and she gave me a receipt with the codes on my didn’t enter my PC Master card so she told me I could sign on and collect them but I can’t see where that can happen. Once, at No Frills, the cashier said that they didn’t give points for bags. I know it isn’t much but it’s the principle that I have a hard time with.

    • @Esther- Do you have the PC Optimum app? If you click on account and click “Points Inquiry” and click PC Financial with the transaction date and missing points amount “10 points” and the offer details, they may give you your points.


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