Just Keep Buying Book Review

Just Keep Buying: Proven Ways to Save Money and Build your Wealth is a book written by blogger Nick Maggiuli. You may know him as the writer behind Of Dollars and Data. He started the blog in 2017 and then went on to write Just Keep Buying in 2022. The book has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated to over 10 different languages. Here’s my Just Keep Buying book review.

Just Keep Buying Book Review

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Who is Nick Maggiuli?

Nick Maggiuli is the Chief Operating Officer of Ritholz Wealth Management in New York City. Previous to this he was working in litigation consulting. He created Of Dollars and Data in 2017 as part of a new year’s resolution and opportunities like writing a book and becoming a COO came to fruition.

He has an X account that he’s quite active on, and has over 165,000 followers.

He grew up without a silver spoon, in fact, far from it. He recalls growing up in an apartment that had an infestation of cockroaches under the oven. They would come out and hang out on the oven’s control panel each time his family baked something.

Just Keep Buying Book Review

Just Keep Buying is an easy read, Nick Maggiuli weaves data and anecdotes and his personal stories with personal finance so seamlessly. He initially talks about how to save money and then in the latter part of the book he talks about investing and the best approach on how to invest your money for the long term.

Here are the chapter titles:

  • Where Should You Start?
  • How Much Should You Save?
  • How to Save More
  • How to Spend Money Guilt-Free
  • How Much Lifestyle Creep is Okay
  • Should You Ever Go Into Debt?
  • Should you Rent or Should You Buy?
  • How to Save for a Down Payment (And Other Big Purchases)
  • When Can You Retire
  • When Should You Invest?
  • What Should You Invest In?
  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy Individual Stocks
  • How Soon Should You Invest
  • Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Buy the Dip
  • Why Investing Depends on Luck
  • Why You Shouldn’t Fear Volatility
  • How to Buy During a Crisis
  • When Should You Sell
  • Where Should You Invest
  • Why You Will Never Feel Rich
  • The Most Important Asset
  • Just Keep Buying Rules

This kind of information has been covered by personal finance writers already of course, but Nick Maggiuli puts his own spin on it to make it interesting and entertaining. He is an advocate of living your life and not simply live a miserly existence in the name of frugality.

An interesting chapter is the “Why You Will Never Feel Rich” chapter. People don’t “feel rich” even when they are objectively rich. They don’t feel rich because they are busy surrounding themselves with the Joneses who are wealthier than them. It’s relative. The more wealth you gain, the more you will naturally surround yourself with those people in your social circle that will have money as well.

He gives an example of a BILLIONAIRE who does not feel rich and just calls himself well to do. He doesn’t feel rich even though he is objectively rich because he is surrounding himself with people who are wealthier than he is, for example, Jeff Bezos and the like.

Another interesting point he makes in the book is how it’s more important to focus on your skills and your career in your 20’s. Focus on growing your income and the rest will follow. He was spending so much time trying to make at higher return on his investments but his investments were not very much in the first place. For example, a 10% gain on $1000 is only $100. When you have $100,000 invested later on, a 10% gain is more significant objectively.

What I Liked About Just Keep Buying

If you like to look at numbers and data, this book will be a great one for you. I liked the balanced look at saving and investing, and how he encourages you to spend your money guilt free. He tells you to use the 2x spending rule. If you want to buy something expensive, for example, like a really nice pair of shoes, you have to match the cost by investing the same amount of money into your investment portfolio.

This helped me in a way when I bought my Louis Vuitton wallet and invested double the amount into LVMUY. It has worked out well over the past two years (I have added to my position of course) and have paper gains of $1300 or so.

Also, the title says it all. That’s what I’ve been doing- just keep buying- and it has been working out well for me.

What I Didn’t Like About Just Keep Buying

Just Keep Buying is a great book, a bit of a fresh look at the same topic that is written about constantly. That being said, the personal finance information was a bit simple for my liking, but again in general it is a great book for someone who is interested in improving their finances.

Hope this Just Keep Buying book review was helpful for you, it’s a good read and it goes without saying that Nick Maggiuli’s website Of Dollars and Data is a good read as well.

What is your Just Keep Buying book review?

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