Hamuq Mattress Review (2023): Hybrid Bed in a Box

Looking for a Hamuq review to see whether this bed is worth it?  Here’s my Hamuq mattress review, the hybrid bed in a box in Canada.  In this post I will go over what Hamuq is, how much a Hamuq bed costs, and some of the pros and cons of the Hamuq mattress.  Finally, I’ll provide my verdict, even 3 years after using this mattress.

We were looking for a new king bed (you know, because sleeping on the floor, er… the play mat, and sleeping on a futon throughout pregnancy for almost a year was getting a bit tiresome) and the hassle of mattress shopping was stressing me out.  It’s really hard to test mattresses out at a mattress store with a very active toddler, so I thought about getting a bed in a box.

Seriously, you can’t lie on a mattress with a toddler in a stroller screaming at you, and if you do manage to lie on a mattress to test it out, you are only able to test it out for a mere 15 seconds before you have to move on and continue strolling.  I did test out some other bed in a box competitors that had mattresses in stores.  Hamuq Review

I received a discount for the Hamuq hybrid bed to review this product.  All opinions are my own.

The Bed in a Box Competitors in Canada

I spent hours looking at bed in a box companies available in Canada.  Most of the bed in a box mattresses that I saw online were made completely out of foam, and the 100% foam mattress just didn’t sit well with me because I like more support.  I like to have the mattress be a little more on the firm side.  I also don’t like the sweaty feeling of a foam mattress during hot summer days (I have a memory foam pillow that I bought in hopes it would help me stop snoring, but it did not work and my face felt hot and sticky sleeping on it- now my husband uses it).

We tried an Endy mattress at the Urban Barn and it seemed medium firm, but when I sat on the edge of the bed it was pretty saggy and felt very much like a foam mattress.  I don’t like that sinking feeling when you are sitting on the edge of the bed, if it makes any sense, I’d like to have a bit of a bounce to get out of bed (because it’s already hard enough to get out of bed to start the day) and having that indentation in the foam mattress makes it feel less excited to get out of bed to start the day… if that makes any sense.  Also it feels like you are falling or slipping off the mattress.

We also tried the Casper mattress at The Hudsons Bay Company and at EQ3 and it seemed too soft in general.  It seemed even more soft compared to the Endy mattress.  The Casper mattress is also made out of 100% foam.

We tried a few other foam mattresses and bed in a boxes from other mattress stores as well.

Since we weren’t a fan of the softness of a 100% foam mattress and we are used to sleeping on a coil mattress, I thought a hybrid bed might be the solution to our mattress dilemma.

What is Hamuq

In case you were wondering, Hamuq is pronounced “Hammock”.  Hamuq is a Canadian mattress company based out of Toronto and launched in 2016.  They have been making mattresses for a long time, and then they created the first rollable pocket coil mattress because they felt that people were missing out on the awesomeness of pocket coils with a100% foam mattress.

What is a hybrid bed?

What is a Hybrid Bed?

A hybrid bed is a combination of pocket coil and foam mattress.  The neat thing about pocket coils is that it provides you firm support and ‘bounce’ compared to a 100% foam mattress.  Because of the pocket coils, a hybrid bed is heavier than a purely foam mattress.  Also, the pocket coils keep you cooler than foam when you sleep.  Finally, the other thing about pocket coils is that they decreases or eliminates motion transfer so that you don’t get woken up when your bed partner (be it a dog, a toddler, or your husband) moves around in bed.

Hamuq bed in a box review

Hamuq Hybrid Mattress Features

The Hamuq mattress has a foam pillow top that sits on top of the rollable pocket coil.  The pocket coils are made of Canadian steel whereas most (97%) competitor pocket coil mattresses are made of steel from China, which results in a shortened life span of the mattress and ultimately, a saggy mattress.  The whole Hamuq bed is made in Canada with Canadian products.

The bed is so heavy because of the pocket coils, it was over 100 lbs.  It is much heavier when compared to the pure foam mattress.

The Hamuq mattress has a 15 year warranty which covers any crack or split in the foam material and visible indentations more than 2 inches (as long as it’s not from using an unsupportive bed base).  They even have warranties for their bed frame (5 year), their sheet set (1 year), their duvet (1 year), and their pillow (3 years).

There is no memory foam at all within the Hamuq hybrid mattress, because memory foam tends to act as a heat sink when hot, hence giving you the hot feeling.  Instead of memory foam, the Hamuq has BioFoam and cooling gel foam which keeps you cooler.

How Much Does A Hamuq Mattress Cost in Canada

In Canadian dollars the Hamuq mattress pricing is:

  • The Twin is $699
  • The Twin XL is $779
  • The full or double is $799
  • The queen mattress is $889
  • Finally, the king mattress is $989

Unfortunately there is no Hamuq coupon code available that I used.

They also have a new organic hybrid mattress that starts from $950 CAD for a Twin mattress.

Hamuq Accessories

Hamuq also offers some very reasonably priced accessories, like a duvet, a duvet cover, and a sheet set.  I didn’t end up getting any of these because although I love the minimalist and luxurious look of all-white bedding, white bedding and kids just doesn’t mesh well with me.  Also, I’m not very good at keeping any whites white.

Here are some pros and cons of the Hamuq hybrid bed.

Hamuq pros:

  • The 101 day return policy is great, and gives you 1 extra day to decide if it’s the right mattress for you compared to the other bed in a box mattress providers out there.  You do have to try the mattress for at least 30 days before you ask to return it.  Hamuq sends a courier over to remove the mattress from your home and either donate it to a local charity or have it recycled.
  • I love that it is made in Canada, sourced in Canada, and even assembled in Canada.  Can you say, eh!
  • They have a 15 year warranty, this is 5 years longer than the other bed in box Canada competitors
  • There’s free shipping to your home in Canada or the United States.  The shipping is fast, anywhere between 2 to 6 business days.
  • They have good customer service, you can even text Hamuq (at 888-268-9077) for customer service if you don’t want to email or call.  They responded by email very quickly to my question about a possible delayed shipment of the mattress.

Hamuq Cons:

  • There’s no brick and mortar shop where you can demo the Hamuq mattress, though this is one of the reasons why the Hamuq is so reasonably priced
  • You can sleep right away on the Hamuq mattress after opening it, but for best results you have to wait 48 hours to fully get to its full form
  • The delivery is just to the doorstep/ front door, so you’ll need to get some help to bring the mattress up to your bedroom.
  • The Hamuq King mattress is larger than a conventional king mattress, so sheet sets are a bit tight to put on. They still fit but it’s tight.  For an easier time putting on sheets, Hamuq has their own sheets they sell.

Hamuq Unboxing and Review

Hamuq Hybrid Bed in a Box

As mentioned, the Hamuq box is very heavy and needed two people to help carry it upstairs.  It is over 100 lbs, and is much heavier than the other bed in a box competitors.

Hamuq Bed in a box review

After you remove the box, you are left with a rolled up mattress in a plastic covering.  The next step is to take the plastic overing off.. and then it’s almost like you hear the sound effect “BOINNG!!!’ (actually you don’t, but it would be cool) as it springs open.

Bed in a Box Hamuq Unpackaging

After I got some help moving the mattress upstairs, unboxing it only required one person (though it would have been easier with two people).  The mattress topper was very soft and comfortable, very quilted.

Hamuq review

The only thing was that one edge of the bed was a bit lifted (as you can see on the left) after unrolling it, but it does take 48 hours to completely expand.  There was no lifting  of the edge of mattress after a few hours.  It was fantastic to be able to sleep on a king bed again.  It is very comfortable and a hybrid mattress was just what I had expected, more support than a 100% foam mattress.  There is very minimal sagging when you sit on the edge of the bed.  There is no foam smell or anything.  The motion transfer feature is great, and I didn’t even wake up when my husband got out of bed earlier than me (I usually do).

The Hamuq mattress is very comfortable, kind of reminds me of those special super comfortable mattresses at Sheraton hotels!

It’s been a few weeks now and it is seriously still so comfortable.  My husband said it’s probably the most comfortable mattress he has ever slept on, he says he looks forward to sleeping every day, haha!  There’s no motion transfer, I don’t feel him wake up to go to work and I wake up quite rested, even though there’s sleep deprivation from our newborn.

Update again, it’s been over 100 days with the Hamuq mattress, and my husband seriously looks forward to going to bed because the bed is so comfortable.  It’s still great!

Update: It has been almost 3 years since I wrote this review and it is still great, feels just like day one when we first unrolled the mattress.

Hamuq 101 Day return Policy

The cool thing is that Hamuq has a 101 day return policy.  So if we weren’t happy with our new mattress, we could call them up and return it, and get our full money back within 101 days.  This applies even for the accessories that they offer too, like the sheet set or duvet cover.

Hope you enjoyed this Hamuq review!  Personally I feel like Hamuq is underrated and their mattress is so comfortable compared to the other bed in the box competitors.

Hamuq Review Recap

It has been over three years since we have had the Hamuq bed and it is still doing great.  It is so comfortable that I often doze off while reading bedtime stories to the kids.  I would highly recommend this mattress to people who want a bed in the box but don’t want a soft 100% foam mattress.  The pocket coils are amazing.

I have no Hamuq mattress complaints, it has been great and there is no sagging of the Hamuq mattress, even three years down the line.

Have you tried a bed in a box yet?  What do you think of them?

Bed in a box review of the Hamuq hybrid. Mattress reviews for the best bedrooms and an amazing night's sleep. It is seriously the best mattress we have slept on ever, and delivered right to your door. One of the best furniture purchases we have made for our new home. #mattress #bedinabox #reviews #bedrooms
Bed in a box mattress review of the Hamuq hybrid. A hybrid is coil and memory foam combined. Mattress reviews for the best bedrooms and an amazing night's sleep. It is seriously the best mattress we have slept on ever, and the mattress is delivered right to your door. One of the best furniture purchases we have made for our new home. #mattress #bedinabox #reviews #bedrooms
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19 thoughts on “Hamuq Mattress Review (2023): Hybrid Bed in a Box”

  1. We tried a latex bed last time. It felt really nice, but my back hurt when I got up in the morning. It was probably too firm.
    We returned that one and got a foam bed and a latex topper. It worked pretty well.
    The hybrid spring/foam bed sounds really nice. We might have to try it next.

    • @Joe- I remember reading that on your blog. The hybrid mattress is seriously amazing. One downside is that I keep sleeping and it’s hard to wake up unless I have an alarm clock (or baby crying).

  2. Normally average lifespan of a hybrid mattress is 5 to 8 years. How many years your hamuq hybrid mattress last and its warranty period? what are the extra benefits than the others?

    • @Ayan- I’m not sure how long it lasts, but the warranty is 15 years compared to less with other mattresses (see above) 🙂

  3. Hi! Love your mattress for purchased it almost 2 yrs.ago now.Would recommend this mattress to everyone . Well worth the money.Good nights sleep every time,& no sore back. Glad your price is down now & plan on getting another one in the near future.Thanks!

    • @Diane- I love our Hamuq mattress too. It is still kicking strong almost 2 years in! No sagging or anything and so comfortable. It’s so comfortable that I have bedtime reading narcolepsy while reading to my kids at night on this mattress, lol.

  4. Do you think this mattress is good for side sleepers? If its too firm, then I worry that it will be uncomfortable. I want to support a Canadian co for sure, and mattress reviews in general on the internet are loaded with deceptive practices.

  5. Can I be absolutely certain that my partner and I will find the Hamuq Hybrid comfortable, as we are both sleepers! Our body weights are 160lbs and 100lbs respectively. I would just hate to buy it and then have to return it. Thanking you.

    • @Terry Jones- I am a side sleeper and I find it very comfortable, but I can’t tell you if you will be absolutely certain because I’m not you! Their return policy is good though, but I recall the mattress gets donated.


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