Free Things to Do in Singapore With Kids

Singapore is a high cost of living (HCOL) place to live and travel to, but there are some free things to do in Singapore with kids when you are visiting on your trip. Singapore is surprisingly family friendly despite its metropolitan bustling city-state status.

Free Things to do in Singapore with kids

Free things to do in Singapore with kids include a visit for your young children to:

  • The Changi Jewel
  • Gardens by the Bay Children’s Splash Park
  • Bishan Park
  • Sentosa Beach
  • Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden
  • Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest and Flower Dome (there is an admission for this but it’s worth it in my opinion)

Changi Jewel

Everyone has heard about the beautiful Singapore International Airport called Changi Airport. The Changi Jewel is at Terminal 1 (connected to the Arrival Hall area) and you don’t need to check in for a flight to visit. You can get to it using the MRT and getting off at the Changi Airport Station 2, using the link bridges to get to Terminal 1.

The Shiseido Forest Valley is filled with over 900 trees and palm trees with a gigantic waterfall in the middle called the HSBC Rain Vortex.

The HSBC Rain Vortex is tallest indoor waterfall in the world. There are also walking paths going so you can look at the waterfall from different angles. It’s free to check out.

There are also paid attractions at Changi Airport too, such as the Bouncing Net, Walking Net, and Hedge Maze. It’s nice that kids are not so much afraid of heights at a young age!

Gardens by the Bay Children’s Splash Park

Gardens by the Bay is a must see in Singapore, it’s where the Supertrees are (huge Avatar-like trees that are 16 stories high).

At the Gardens by the Bay there is a children’s splash park called the Far East Organization Children’s Garden.

It’s free admission.

They are closed Monday and Wednesday unless there is a public holiday.

A free splash park is perfect when you have to contend with high 20-low 30 degree weather (or hotter) during your visit to Singapore.

Source: Gardens by the Bay

You might even see an otter crossing the road near the water too!

Bishan Park

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is one of the largest parks in Singapore. It is 62 hectares long. It’s huge, very green, and very nice to walk around in.

Source: NParks

There’s an Inclusive Playground where there is a wheelchair accessible merry go round and an off leash dog park.

It’s a nice place to let your kids run around and burn their energy off.

Gardens By the Bay Cloud Forest and FLower Dome

This is the only one on the list that has an admission fee and I would say that it’s worth the extra cost. The Gardens by the Bay attractions have two domes, and one of the domes is the Cloud Forest and the other dome is the Flower Dome.

The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome admission is around S$50 for adults, and for children age 3 to 12 it is S$40 or so for non-residents.

So it is definitely not cheap, but the Cloud Forest was very interesting and Avatar-like (well it was an Avatar theme at the time) and worth the pricey admission.

You can walk up multiple floors as you get higher and higher to the cloud forest, and it simulated like a cloud forest. The vegetation you would see 2000 metres above sea level is similar.

It also has one of the world’s highest indoor waterfalls and beautiful views of Singapore and iconic structures such as Marina Bay Sands as you walk along the path.

It is somewhat stroller friendly, some areas you will have to take the elevator floor by floor to experience (rather than use the escalator).

You can also enter the Cloud Forest virtually here for free!

As mentioned, there is also a Flower Dome, which is not as exciting as the Cloud Forest, but still a nice way for your children to run around and burn off energy.

The walk way is wide. You can see lots of different plants and trees, including the African Baobab tree which is normally in the African savannah area.


A trip to Singapore is not complete without a visit to Sentosa.

Sentosa is an island located off the island of Singapore. Entry into Sentosa is free temporarily (I think to celebrate their 50th year). It’s fun to walk around, but if you want to look for paid attractions, Universal Studios is located at Sentosa, in addition to the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

For free things to do, there’s a beach called Palawan beach where you can cross a little rope bridge to the “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia” or climb the watch tower to catch the view.

Other free attraction located at Sentosa, includes the Sentosa Musical Fountain, Magical Shores, and Fort Siloso.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Finally, the Jacob Ballas children’s garden comes very well recommended by Singaporean parents.

It is located near the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is Asia’s largest children’s garden and has lots of interactive learning, such as learning about photosynthesis, a water park, and a maze.

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is the first garden in Asia dedicated to children.

Source: NParks

There’s a nice summary about the Jacob Ballas gardens here and what there is to do at this park.

It is located outdoors so if your children can’t tolerate the Singapore heat, you might want to take them somewhere else like an indoor mall with air conditioning for example.

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is closed on Monday unless it is a public holiday.

There you have it, travel doesn’t have to be expensive, there are lots of things to do that don’t cost that much and yet are still interesting activities. Hopefully you found this list of free things to do with your kids in Singapore useful (at least for a reference next time you visit).

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What’s your favourite free thing to do in Singapore with kids?

Are there other free things to do in Singapore with kids that you would recommend?

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