15 Free Baby stuff in Canada (2024): FREE Baby Samples for New Moms

If you are expecting a new addition to the family in 2024 you have come to the right place.  I love free baby stuff in Canada.  Here are some free babysamples in Canada that you can get for your future little one.  Some examples of baby freebies that I have received are a baby box, Nestle baby samples, the London Drugs baby welcome package, and other free baby samples in Canada.  In this post I will show you where to get the best free baby stuff and baby freebies for Canadian moms.

One of the best things about being pregnant other than feeling the kicks of growing baby and going on your first 12 or 18 month maternity leave in Canada… is getting free baby stuff!  

It’s amazing how many baby freebies you can get during pregnancy and it’s great too since it really helps you save on the costs associated with baby preparing for your baby’s first year.

When we were expecting our first baby, I was such an excited expectant mom and signed up for all the free stuff I could get my hands on (even though we didn’t have very much room in our 1 bedroom apartment with a baby).  There are a ton of baby companies that send free stuff.

I mean, this is their way of saying “your life will change forever as you know it, we would like to help you out a little”…any little bit helps!

Free Baby Samples in Canada

Here’s a list of 15 baby samples in Canada that are easy to sign up for, even if you’re having first and third trimester fatigue as an expectant mother, or are a super tired pregnant mama of a toddler (like me!).

Baby Box Co free swaddler

Updated January 2024

Newborn Huggies Diapers and Wipes

This is probably the best baby freebie- Huggies free samples.  With the “No Baby Unhugged” Program, Huggies mails you a package of 32 newborn diapers with a small package of Huggies Natural Care wipes.

Of course, 32 newborn diapers don’t last very long, maybe three days, but still it’s not bad at all!  They mail you a package within a few weeks.  If you have multiple emails or even friends you can mail a package to, it will really save on the cost of newborn diapers!  (Perhaps this is the reason why it’s so hard to find bulk large packages of newborn diapers!)

Newborn diapers are suitable if your baby is under 10 lbs, so make sure you order this ahead of time (and not after birth) because your baby will be too big for them soon enough!  Otherwise, if your baby is over 4 weeks old already, you’ll get Huggies baby products coupons instead.

No Babies Unhugged Free Huggies Diapers

Here’s the link to sign up for the Huggies free diaper samples.   

You have to be a Huggies Reward member.

This is what the free diapers and wipes from Huggies looks like:

After one year, Huggies will also send you a $1.00 off coupon on Huggies wipes, to use just in time for your baby’s first birthday party (to wipe up all that birthday cake mess).

Walmart Baby Box

Walmart Baby Box

The link looks like you can sign up here to create a Walmart baby registry, but I checked with Walmart staff and they said there is unfortunately no Baby Box or Walmart registry right now.  

Remember to click through to Walmart using Rakuten to get 1% cash back on your purchases.

If you’re not a Rakuten Canada member, join now and get a $30 bonus!

(You’ll get the $30 bonus if you make a purchase over $30 within 90 days of sign up)

Walmart Baby Box

This is what our Walmart Baby Box looked like, but the free baby samples in Canada for Walmart will be different for everyone I think.

Here are some of the brands featured in the Canadian Walmart Baby Box:

Walmart Baby Box Samples

London Drugs Baby Welcome Package

London Drugs ran out of Baby Welcome packages temporarily in Fall of 2023 but they are restocked now, click here to sign up for the London Drugs Baby Welcome Package.

Though London Drugs is only located in Western Canada (with British Columbia and Alberta being the predominant provinces), this is still a nice gift of free baby samples in Canada if you have a London Drugs near you.

The London Drugs Baby Welcome Package comes in a cute little box and has lots of trial size free samples including some baby wipes, a package of Kleenex, nursing pads (though just one or two nursing pads), moisturizing cream, and other great things.

It sort of changes up each year.

All you have to do is go to this page on the London Drugs website to sign up, and they will email you back a certificate to redeem at the customer service desk at your local London Drugs.  You can also sign up in store at the customer service desk too and just ask for the London Drugs Baby Welcome package.

I picked this up in 2017 and 2019 and the contents within the Baby Welcome Package was different between the years but all the baby freebies were very useful.  This is what the London Drugs Baby Welcome package looks like below.

This baby freebie doesn’t get mailed to you, you have to pick up the London Drugs Baby Welcome Package in store.

London Drugs Free Baby Samples in Canada
London Drugs Baby Gift Box

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Babies “R” Us Free Baby Samples in Canada 

When you sign up for The Baby Registry and put 25 items in your registry you will get a free gift bag filled with samples and coupons.  You will also get a $25 coupon off of a $75 purchase.  

I signed up using the Babies R Us Registry App and I got a registry number.  I showed that registry number to the Babies R Us staff and they gave me my swag bag. 

See below for the stuff I got in my Babies R Us swag bag this year- a little too many pacifiers, but I like the creams and baby bottles. There’s even a few bags to put dirty diapers in (the light blue square) when you’re on the go.

I signed up for the Baby Registry even though I didn’t have a baby shower and didn’t want people to look at my baby registry (since it was a fake baby registry).

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The gift bag was great in 2017, included some safety gear, some free samples or trial sized Cetaphil baby oil, Aveeno baby samples in Canada, a pacifier, a package of diapers, a package of wipes, and a lot of other great things.  

Updated for 2024, it is now $25 off your next purchase of $75 or more (in store or online), before taxes (and some exclusions apply).

Babys R Us Freebies Expectant Moms

In 2017 before the $75 minimum purchase, I used the $25 coupon to buy nursing pads and a baby grooming kit which included baby nail clippers, a thermometer, and other useful baby freebies!  This has been useful even 5 years later (the grooming kit, not the nursing pads, haha).

Babies R Us Freebie
This is what I got in 2019 from the Babies R Us Registry


The Baby Box Co.

Baby Box University is an initiative to provide education to improve safety (decreasing the risk of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) for newborns.  The Baby Box came from a Finnish tradition.

This seemed almost like a government baby box in Canada.

The boxes are distributed at certain centres (for me in Vancouver, it was a baby ultrasound clinic) but you have to finish a “Baby Box University” program which takes a few minutes of reviewing videos and answering some quizzes to test your knowledge.

You then get a certificate and you can pick up your Baby Box.  The Baby Box is great, it can replace buying a bassinet.  

The box has a little mattress and a mattress cover.  It came with a package of Pampers newborn diapers, wipes, a pacifier, coupons, some baby oil or wash, and even a little onesie that says “Remember to ‘bee’ safe and lay me down to sleep on my back zzzz”.  There were other things but I forgot what they were, to be honest!

My children still use the baby box to play with or snuggle in, and they take the little mattress out and play with it too.

As of 2020, Baby Box Canada is now called Family One.  Now, you can enter for baby freebies and giveaways such as baby car seats.  They had a $500 Amazon.ca giveaway at one point.

Family One Baby Box Canada

Buy Buy Baby Free Goody Bag

Unfortunately as of 2023, Bed Bath and Beyond are closing their Canadian stores, so there is no free goody back from Buy Buy Baby anymore.

Chapters Indigo IndigoBaby Memory Book

I love Chapters Indigo (especially shopping online) for baby stuff and they now have a baby registry and gift you a free baby book in Canada.

If you sign up for Chapter’s baby registry here, you can get:

  • 20% completion discount on anything that isn’t purchased by friends and family in your registry with a minimum $100 purchase
  • A Hello World Baby Memory Book (worth $35.00)– shipping fees may apply
  • Free shipping on eligible orders in your registry

You just need to be a Chapters Indigo plum® member and create a Baby Registry containing a minimum of 15 unique items (purchased or unpurchased), with qualifying pre-tax purchase(s) of $100.00 and you have to be within 60 days of your event date (I suppose due date). 

The registry has to be active for 14 days to qualify.

When you shop at Chapters, don’t forget to sign up for Rakuten (formerly Ebates.ca) before making any purchases at Chapters Indigo so you can get $30 cash back (and get $30 for referring your friends) after a $25 purchase within 30 days of signing up. 

Also, you get 4.0% cash back on toys, gifts, and books (basically everything except electronics and gift cards, which is 2% cash back) at Chapters Indigo.

Best Buy Baby Samplers Club

As of 2023, the Best Buy Baby Samplers Club is no more.

The Best Buy Baby Samplers Club gave you the opportunity to review and test baby products and gear for free if you write a review. 

Family Rated Club

The Family Rated Club is a product testing club that you can apply to be a part of but as of 2024 they are now branded as ChickAdvisor.  Some of the offers are only open to United States residents and some of the offers are only open to Canadian residents.

The offers for product testing and reviewing are only available for a limited time, so ‘YMMV’ (your mileage may vary).

Cetaphil Baby $5 Coupon

You can join the Cetaphil Parents Club and get a $5 coupon for Cetaphil Baby products which include a wash and shampoo, daily lotion, moisturizing oil, and ultra moisturizing wash. 

You have to ‘check the box’ to say you are expecting a baby to get the free coupon for baby Cetaphil products.

Cetaphil Parents Club Freebie

The Cetaphil Baby products include certified organic calendula which is a marigold extract and can be very soothing for baby.  These contain zero parabens.

I love the scent of the Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil.

The Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil is rated well on the Healthy Living app by the Environmental Working Group (which means it is a top choice for baby oils and there are minimal cancer or developmental concerns with the ingredients in the product).

Don’t forget to use this coupon at London Drugs where they allow you to coupon stack!

Nestle Baby & Me Program

One of the popular free baby stuff for expecting mothers by mail that you can get are Nestle baby samples. 

With the Nestle Baby Program you can get $45 worth of free coupons (some were for Kleenex, photography sessions, Oxiclean, generally stuff I wouldn’t use but it’s nice anyway), a Good Start ‘premixed’ formula, powdered Good Start formula, a free baby bottle, and a Cetaphil baby shampoo and body wash.

They send you a starter pack at 35 weeks of pregnancy, something to look forward to in third trimester!

The Nestle free baby samples in Canada are all sent to you by mail.

If you’re certain you are going the formula route, this a great deal, if you’re uncertain but want back up just in case milk supply is an issue or breastfeeding is an issue, this is great to have as back up as well.

The Good Start 1 Baby formula (already premixed and sterilized) was really good to have because we topped up with formula in the very beginning until my milk was established.  We used up all of the bottles (there are four in a box).

Also, we use the Cetaphil baby shampoo and body wash and it is great, we used it for our baby’s bath time and it has a nice scent.

This is what the Nestle and Me gift looks like when I got this free baby sample.

Similac Baby Club

When you join the Similac Club, you get up to $200 worth in baby freebies, specifically free samples for babies, rebate cheques, and an exclusive Similac starter pack.  

Here’s what was mailed to me including some coupons.  I haven’t used any of these but have them on hand just in case.

They continue sending coupons periodically in the mail.  Initially, there were three $10 coupons, now a few months later, there are three $5 coupons that they mail you.  Great to get these Similac coupons if you’re using formula since buying formula can be very expensive.

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Enfamil Family Beginnings

With Enfamil family beginnings, you can get $240 in coupons, free full sized products, and free formula coupons. 

You can also receive a subscription to Your New Baby magazine too.  You receive your first package within 2 weeks before your baby’s due date. 

Enfamil Family Beginnings

These are also free baby stuff for expecting mothers by mail, you don’t have to go anywhere to pick this up.

You can sign up here for the Enfamil Family Beginnings.

Pampers Canada Sample 

Pampers Sample Kit

There’s a new Pampers Sample that includes newborn sized diapers, Pampers wipes, a free “Baby in Car’ sticker, and up to $11 worth of coupons from Ivory Snow (detergent) and Pampers.  I love the box too mainly because of the colour, I cut off the lid and am using it as a box to store my underwear, folded nicely Kon Mari style.  #reuse

Pampers sample Canada

Right now there are no samples, but there is a $10 coupon off of Pampers newborn diapers here.

Babies don’t last in newborn diapers for very long, they go onto size 1 quite quickly, but you do go through newborn diapers fast!

I love Pampers diapers, they are my favourite because of the cute Sesame street characters on them and also because of the Pampers diaper smell (a clean diaper of course).

The Pampers Club program is probably my favourite rewards program. 

Although you have to buy something (diapers) you can collect rewards points to redeem for free stuff.  The reward points are called Pampers pins and they are located on the packages or wipes. 

I use the Pampers Club app to scan the diapers.  They recently updated the Pampers Club app and it’s SOOO much easier to scan the diapers and wipes.  You don’t need to manually input the code anymore, thank goodness.

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Each economy box of diapers gives you over 100 Reward points and they just recently revamped the rewards program.

Here are some of the rewards you can redeem for:

  • Photobook Canada prints or books
  • Indigo e-Gift Card
  • Uber Eats e-Gift Card
  • Home Depot Canada e-Gift Card
  • Walmart Canada e-Gift Card
  • Amazon.ca e-Gift Card (minimum redemption is $3 CAD, or 667 Pampers Club points)
  • Esso and Mobil e-Gift Card

You can redeem your Pampers Club points for Amazon.ca gift cards now (it seems to change regularly), and 1111 Pampers Rewards points is equal to a $5 e-gift card.  2222 Pampers Rewards points is equal to a $10 e-gift card.  I just redeemed for an Amazon.ca  $10 e-Gift card recently.  They also have physical gifts like toys.

You can also print out free coupons under Pampers offers for $2.00 off Pampers Swaddlers or $2.00 off Pampers Baby Dry.

You can sign up free for the Pampers Club program here.

Thrifty Foods: Free Prenatal Vitamins

In the Baby Be Healthy program by Thrifty foods, you can get free advice from a Thrifty Foods pharmacist and they will give you free prenatal vitamins, 30 days worth, right there on the spot.

Baby Be Healthy Program
Source: Thrifty Foods

After your consultation on prenatal and postnatal nutrition, every month after, you will get a phone call from the pharmacist to let you know your free monthly prenatal vitamins are ready to pick up.

Prenatal vitamins are expensive so this is a fantastic baby sample in Canada.

You can get more information on the Baby Be Healthy Program here

Thrifty Foods: Free Birthday Cake

Although this isn’t a pregnancy or baby freebie per se, it is definitely worth noting in 12 months time.

Later on when your baby gets to be one year older, Thrifty’s also gives you a free sheet birthday cake (size 8″ x 12″) to celebrate your baby’s first birthday!   You can choose between pink or blue frosting.

It’s a fantastic gift from Thrifty’s for your baby’s first birthday party.  This is probably one of the best free baby stuff in Canada!  Cake worth $26.99!

We did this for both our kids’ first birthday and it was a delicious (and huge) cake- see below… I can’t remember how many slices there are, probably over 15.

You just require at least 24 hours notice (you can call them and reserve the cake) and you need to show your child’s birth certificate or ID confirming their birthday when you pick up the cake.

Thrifty Foods Birthday Cake

Free Amazon Welcome Box For Expecting Mothers

My friend recently had a baby shower and they created a baby registry with Amazon. 

I must admit, it was pretty nice to be able to click a link and find out what she wanted from the comfort of my own home.  I ended up just getting her an Amazon gift card through her Baby Registry link.

You can get a free Welcome Box from Amazon.com (the Amazon.ca one doesn’t seem to be available anymore) by creating a registry and having people buy a $10 threshold. 

The $10 threshold does not include tax or shipping costs and is considered met once the orders are shipped.  Purchases of Prime or Amazon Gift Cards also do not qualify for the $10 threshold.  It can be shipped within continental US.  You have to have an active Prime account too.

There’s an extended return period for the Baby Registry (365 days…yes that is one year) and you also get a discount on baby items. Here are some FAQ’s on the Amazon Baby Welcome Box.

Recap of Free Baby sTuff in Canada:

Here’s a summary of 15 baby freebies and baby samples in Canada you can get as an expectant mother:

  • Huggies free baby samples (Canada) diapers and wipes
  • Free giveaways like a $500 Amazon.ca gift card from Family One (Formerly Baby Box Canada)
  • Walmart Baby Box
  • London Drug Baby Welcome Package
  • Babies R Us free gift
  • Bye Bye Baby Goody Bag
  • Chapters Indigo Baby Memory Book
  • Best Buy Baby Samplers Club
  • Family Rated Club
  • Cetaphil $5 coupon
  • Nestle free baby samples in Canada- Nestle gives out free baby stuff like formula and coupons
  • Similac baby stuff like free formula and coupons
  • Enfamil family beginnings
  • Pampers Newborn Diapers Coupon
  • Pampers freebies from the Pampers Club program in Canada like toys, free e-gift cards from Amazon
  • Thrifty Foods Baby Be Healthy program where you can get free prenatal vitamins
  • Free Thrifty Foods First Birthday Cake
  • Free Amazon Welcome Box (US addresses)

That’s the tried and tested list of free baby stuff in Canada!  

These babies companies that send free stuff, or allow you to pick up free stuff, were an amazing gift to us as a family with a new baby on the way.  All this money saved allowed us to add money towards our children’s savings account.  I hope that you enjoy these baby freebies in Canada and free baby stuff in Canada as much as I did!

Don’t forget to check out this post on the essential financial checklist for new parents in Canada.  Congratulations again on your upcoming bundle of joy.

We are lucky to be having a baby in Canada to have a longer maternity leave compared to our mama neighbours south of us, for example.

Now you can start planning for that first baby beach vacation to take during your mat leave (once COVID is over of course) 😉

Don’t forget to think of yourself too, and get birthday freebies in Vancouver or free birthday stuff in Canada.  New parents need pampering too!

If you’re interested in other detailed posts about saving money on your bundle of joy:

Readers, have you scored other baby freebies that is not on this list?  If so, please share the free baby samples in Canada you’ve gotten!

Looking for baby freebies in Canada? Free samples by mail or products such as diapers, baby shampoo, onesies, baby wash, or formula? This is the ultimate list of baby freebies that work! You can't miss number 2, it's the best baby freebie! #babyfreebies #freesample #pregnancy #expecting

8 Can't-Miss Places to sign up for baby freebies! Free diapers, free wipes, a free onesie, free formula...the list goes on. Take advantage of the freebies you can get when you're pregnant and expecting. #freebies #freebabystuff #pregnancy #expecting #free

8 Can't-Miss Places to sign up for baby freebies! Free diapers, free wipes, a free onesie, free formula...the list goes on. Take advantage of the freebies you can get when you're pregnant and expecting. #freebies #freebabystuff #pregnancy #expecting #free
15 Can't Miss Places to sign up for baby freebies as an expectant mother! Free diapers, free wipes, a free onesie, free formula...the list goes on. Take advantage of the freebies you can get when you're pregnant and expecting. #freebies #freebabystuff #pregnancy #expecting #free
15 Can't Miss Places to sign up for baby freebies as an expectant mother! Free baby stuff in Canada like free diapers, free wipes, a free onesie, free formula...the list goes on. Take advantage of the freebies you can get when you're pregnant and expecting. #freebies #freebabystuff #pregnancy #expecting #free
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  1. Buy Buy Baby has the sameness kind of deal as Baby’s r Us. When you register for a shower you get a sample bag. I think this has to be done I store, not sure about online.

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