Diaper Hack: Save Money on Diapers in Canada

Want to save money on diapers in Canada?  As a new mom, I went through the financial checklist for new parents in Canada and in addition to not buying things that we don’t need in preparation for baby’s first year, I am always wanting to optimize the ‘essentials’ (e.g. diapers) to get as much value as possible.  Stockpiling non-perishables is one of my guilty-hoarding pleasures.

Given that the average baby goes through over 3000 diapers in the first year alone, it makes sense to stockpile when you can to save money fast.

Save Money on Diapers in Canada

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Updated January 2023

Initially, I was hoping to try cloth diapers (because that is the ultimate way to save money on diapers) but my husband said no because it would be too much work for us.  I am happy that we made this decision given the sheer volume of diapers we were going through in the newborn months!

For the first month, we used the free Huggies Newborn we got initially thanks to the No Baby Unhugged Program, and then switched to Pampers Swaddlers.  For more freebies you can get as an expectant parent, check out my list of baby freebies in Canada.

In addition to using the Flipp app and Checkout 51 to see if diapers are on sale, here’s how to save money on diapers in Canada.

Know your Diaper Lingo to Save Money on Diapers in Canada:

First, you have to know your diaper lingo.  The key to finding the best price is the find out the cost per diaper.  How many cents is it per diaper?  Be cognizant that the larger the diaper is, the more it will cost (which makes sense because there’s more material), so take this “cost per diaper” with a wee grain of salt.

Calculate Cost per Diaper

To calculate the cost per diaper metric, you just dividend the price by the number of diapers in the package.

Here is the cost per diaper prices for 2023 in Canada:

  • “Meh, that’s ok” price: $0.25/diaper
  • Great price: $0.22/diaper
  • Stockpile price: $0.19/diaper

If you are able to get the cost per diaper to under $0.19/diaper you know you’ve struck diaper gold (and I’m not referring to the mustard seed coloured poop from your baby!).

Know How Many Diapers you Need

Knowing how many diapers you need allows you to stockpile the diapers.  I was always anxious how many boxes I would need, I didn’t want to have a huge excess.  Of course, this is just a guide and your baby may differ depending on his or her size and growth.

Newborn (NB)- Stockpile 300 DIAPERS

  • Babies up to 10lbs
  • 10-11 diapers per day
  • Up to 1 month

Size 1- Stockpile 540 DIAPERS

  • Babies 8-14lbs
  • 8-10 diapers per day
  • Age 1-3 months

Size 2- Stockpile 1440 DIAPERS

  • Babies 12-18lbs
  • 7-8 Diapers per day
  • Age 4-9 months

Size 3- Stockpile 2100 DIAPERS

  • Babies 16-28lbs
  • 6-7 Diapers per day
  • Age 10-20 months (my daughter is over 2 years old and she’s still in size 3.. it really depends on the baby)

Size 4- Stockpile 1300 DIAPERS

  • Babies 22-37lbs
  • 5-6 diapers per day
  • Age 21-30 months

*** I would be more careful to stockpile after size 4, my daughter potty trained much easier than her brother and we didn’t need size 5 at all!!***

Size 5- Stockpile 2300 DIAPERS

  • For toddlers more than 27lbs
  • 4-5 diapers per day
  • Age 31 to 48 months

Sign up for Pampers Rewards

When you sign up for Pampers Rewards you can collect their points towards freebies, like Amazon gift cards.  1111 Pampers Rewards points is equivalent to a $5 Amazon e-gift card.  For each econobox of Pampers, you get around 100 Pampers Rewards.

Also, as a Pampers rewards member, you can print out a $2 off coupon under “Offers” and a  SmartSource coupon will print out.

Pampers Rewards App
Source: Pampers.ca

Buy Diapers in Bulk

Typically the best way to save on diapers is to buy in bulk.  However, sometimes you can save money on smaller packages if you have lots of coupons.  It all goes back to calculating the cost per diaper.

The bulk size is the “Economy Pack” and it is what you want to go for.  The sizing varies depending on the diapers, for example,

I switched to Pampers Baby Dry after Size 2 because Swaddlers are more expensive and I found that I didn’t need the ‘high back’ as much since there’s less blow outs after 6 months of age.

Canadian retailers that offer the cheapest diapers:


  • If you subscribe through regular Amazon.ca, you get 5% off.  If you order the package 5 times in one month, you get an additional 15% off.
Amazon.ca Diapers Savings
Source: Amazon.ca

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To sign up for Amazon Prime, you can get a 30 day Prime membership trial for free, checkout the box below- then unsubscribe before you have to pay- that’s what I did one time:

  • This brings the cost down to $42
  • Sometimes there is an automatic $2-$3 coupon you can apply by checking the box online (they clip the coupon for you)
  • If applicable, then you take the Checkout 51 App and save an additional $2 (if there is a coupon available for that week, but it can only be applied on your packing slip when you receive it).  Here’s my review of Checkout 51 in case you haven’t heard of it (best cash back app ever)
  • Just be cognizant of canceling the Amazon Prime/ Family account before the 30-day trial is up
  • MAKE SURE you cancel the Subscribe and Save once you receive your box of diapers

You can get $5 from Checkout 51, you get a $2 bonus for redeeming your first offer and then you will get another $1 bonus for each of your 3 subsequent redemptions.That’s $5 total in bonuses!  You can cash out your cheque at $20.

Great Canadian Superstore (RCSS)

Superstore has the best ‘regular price’ for diapers (I would know because my sister in law is the queen of knowing where to get the best diapers!).

If you have PC Points Rewards card or the PC Financial MasterCard you can also save money.  They sometimes give you 2000 points if you buy diapers which gives you $2 off for your next grocery purchase, bringing the price down even more.

Finally, sometimes you can get customized offers, like 2000 back in PC Optimum points for buying X dollars in diapers.  This is on top the the coupons, on top of the Checkout 51 that you can use.


The Pampers Baby Dry size 2 Super  pack at the online health and beauty store Well.ca is $34.99.

  • However, if you sign up for a new account with Well.ca you can get $10 off your first purchase of anything over $50, making that economy pack $24.99.
  • However, keep in mind you will need to reach the minimum shipping.
  • You can use this Well.ca coupon code: genymoney (referral link) if you’re interested in saving $10 on your diaper purchase.
  • This option is a good ‘one-time’ savings for diapers but the regular price is quite expensive in my opinion.
  • Having it shipped to your house AND not having to leave the home to buy diapers?  WIN-WIN if you ask me!

Shoppers Drug Mart

I haven’t been able to find the Economy size at Shoppers Drug Mart but they do have the smaller packages if you are in a pinch.  The great thing about Shoppers Drug Mart is that they have the 20x the Points Events and the PC Optimum Program, so you can use your points to buy free diapers.  You can get even cash back buying gift cards through Rakuten Canada.

Since Shoppers is owned by Loblaws now, if you sign up for their emails or download the Optimum app, you get offers you can ‘load to the card’ for extra points that aren’t advertised in their flyers.

Related: PC Optimum Points: 6 Ways to Optimize Your Points

In addition, after you have your receipt, you can upload it to get $0.10 cash back from Caddle and other free apps that pay you to scan your receipts.


Sometimes Rexall has discounted clearance diapers too!

There you have it, the ultimate guide to save money on diapers in Canada!  Hopefully that helped.  Stockpiling diapers is the way to go to save money on diapers in Canada.

If you’re looking to save money (bigger bang for your buck) and you live in B.C., don’t forget to sign up for the BCTESG when your child is out of diapers and he or she turns six years old to get $1200 towards their RESP.  No strings attached.

If you’re expecting a second baby or if you have a newborn, don’t forget to sign up for these awesome baby freebies in Canada!

And if you’re planning your kid’s first birthday already, there’s birthday freebies for kids in Canada.

Diaper Hack in Canada

Readers, do you have any tips on how to save money on diapers in Canada?

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17 thoughts on “Diaper Hack: Save Money on Diapers in Canada”

  1. Lol to Tom’s comment!!

    I felt the same too, but I think that may change for me in the near future…. 😐

    I do noticed though that my friends who have newborns request to have a bunch of diapers as gifts for their baby shower lol. It must cost a heck lot for them to ask for it >.<

    • @Fin$avvypanda- Do everything you want to do before you have kids! Because children are a lot of work (so far, in my 5 month of parenting history haha). I don’t have a Buffett quote (can’t find it!) but he said something along the lines that poverty, addiction, and a lot of the problems we have in our society will be prevented if parents actually were ready and wanted children.

      Your friends are practical! Diapers for the win. For your next baby shower gift, you could totally do a diaper cake, it’s super cute (you are crafty!) and very practical.

  2. GYM I am also not the target market here. Will need an update though when I have kids down the road on this one!

    Happy New Year!

    • @Damn Millennial- Lol lol 🙂 Happy New Year too! Bookmark this page- it will be helpful a few years down the road 😉 Maybe I am targeting the older millennials (like myself) who are having children right now.

  3. Great tips on diapers!!! Gosh, I hated buying diapers because they could get so expensive…especially pull ups! I didn’t have much space during my son’s first year so I was limited on how much diapers I could stock up on. But when it was time to shop for diapers I made sure I got my Huggies coupons from coupons.com and I relied on Swagbucks for gift cards to Walmart lol. It helps but it was better than nothing.

    • @Melanie- Oh that’s another good way to hack it- get gift cards to Walmart with Swagbucks! I can’t bring myself to buy a pack of diapers without a coupon, because I know it’s so easy to get (just download and print). We have an econobox ready to go but we can keep it on the patio in warmer months or in our car (haha! that’s what happens when you live in 450 square feet with no storage) in the cooler months.

  4. Good post! Sometimes it’s difficult to compare using the cost per diaper metric since the Size 1 vs Size 5/6 vary a fair amount in quantity with the larger boxes. Definitely good tips with coupons and subscribe & save. Recently I’ve seen the Pampers packs go as low as $24 in discount grocery chains – but generally around $28 for the large boxes are a good price.

    One other tip if you live in a well-populated area is to check mommy groups / buy-sell forums / kijiji for people who have kids that have moved up a size and still have a bunch of leftover diapers or even a full box of the size they’ve grown out of.

    • @FMS- Yes, good point, size 5/6 are in much lower quantities even as the bulk (though more in amount of ‘diaper’) than size 1. $28 for a large box is a good price. Superstore seems standard with their $30/box nowadays, but before it was around $33. Great tip about the mommy groups/ buy sell forums, thanks!


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