Canada’s Top Cities to Buy Real Estate

Canada’s Top Cities to Buy Real Estate

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One of the great things about Canada is the diversification among the provinces when it comes to geography, cities, and community life.  Whether you want to reside in a bustling metropolis where skyscrapers tower above your morning commute, or if you want a more laid back lifestyle where art and green spaces are plentiful, you’l find that place in Canada.

Today we will look at Canada’s top cities to buy real estate, and what makes those locations ideal.


Canada's Top Cities to Buy Real Estate- Toronto

What is Toronto Like? 

Toronto call itself “Canada’s Downtown,” and it’s not hard to see why. An exciting city of over 2 million people, the iconic freestanding CN Tower, the seat of Canada’s financial industry, and a powerhouse for fashion and film professionals, Toronto is one of the most dynamic cities in the nation.

Although Bay Street is well known for its glassy towers that house major corporations, upscale law firms, and the Toronto Stock Exchange, the city also boasts many boutique spaces for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It’s also easy to get around Toronto without a car, thanks to a robust transit system.

Toronto Housing Market

The Toronto Real Estate Board reported that the median price for a single detached home in Toronto was $840,000 during Q3 2018. During the same time period, semi-detached homes were $700,000, condo townhomes were $530,000, and condo apartments were $486,500.

It’s no secret that Toronto real estate is pricey, but those that want the excitement of the city with lower housing costs can look to one of the city’s many suburbs. However, despite the high real estate prices, many people actively seek to live in the centre of the action.


Canada's Top Cities to Buy Real Estate: Vancouver

What is Vancouver Like? 

With just over 600,000 people, Vancouver is not as large as Toronto, but it may feel just as populated as this city is a major tourist destination. Tourism Vancouver reports a whopping 10.3 million visitors in 2017, marking a new record and a four-year upward trend. As a port city, a number of those tourists arrived via cruise ships.

This coastal city is a favourite for nature lovers. The 400 hectare Stanley Park and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden (the world’s top city garden, according to National Geographic) are just two of the ways locals and tourists engage with Vancouver’s natural beauty.  Of course, no stay in this city is complete without a trip to the famous Vancouver Aquarium.

Other attributes of Vancouver include beaches, wineries and many festivals, including the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Vancouver Housing Market

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver noted that median price for all residential homes was $1,062,100 in 2018; an average that included $1,524,000 for detached homes and $683,500 for condo/apartment styles. Attached homes averaged $829,200.

Toronto and Vancouver often vie for the title of the most expensive place to live in Canada, but for homeowners choosing the western coast, the price tag is more than worth the experience of living in such a beautiful city.

Both of these places have addy properties for real estate crowdfunding in Canada.

Editor’s note: There’s also the rain to contend with which is almost year-round except for summertime, but Vancouver has mild winters.  When the weather is great, you really do marvel at Vancouver’s beauty and you do feel very lucky to live in Vancouver, one of the highest cost of living cities in the world.  There’s also lots of things to do outdoors, like hike, camp, snowboard, ski, and hang out at the beach.


Canada's Top Cities to buy Real Estate: Saskatoon


What is Saskatoon like? 

From the coast, we move over to the prairies where Saskatoon (population246,375) straddles the South Saskatchewan River. While not often thought of as a major metropolis, many are drawn to Saskatoon for its year-round festivals, its heavy focus on the arts, it’s many family-oriented events and spaces, and its commitment to honouring the LGBTQ+ community.

Saskatoon is also known for its large Indigenous population and culture. An in-progress project called Wanuskewin Heritage Park will serve as a living reminder of the Northern Plains’ Indigenous people’s relationship with the land.

Saskatoon Real Estate Market

Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS reported the average residential home price to be $332,000 in 2018. The benchmark price for a townhouse was $222,900, and $180,100 for an apartment/condo dwelling.

Homeowners in Saskatoon enjoy very reasonable real estate prices.


Canada's Best Cities to Buy Real Estate: Calgary 

What is Calgary like?

Calgary is very well known for it’s annual Stampede, aka The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. The cowboy spirit and can-do attitude of the “Wild West” is represented in the city all year long. Although hit hard by the recent oil-driven recession in Canada, Calgary, who was home to the head offices of many energy-related corporations, is busy reinventing itself as technology-focused hub.

Calgary’s lifestyle focus is diverse. Here you’ll find arts and culture, nightlife, shopping experiences, great places to dine, and much more. It’s a city with a little of something for everyone.

Calgary Real Estate Market

During Q3, 2018, the Calgary Real Estate Board reported the median sale price for a single detached home to be $469,925. Townhouses sat at $293,000, and apartment style homes at $249,500.

Not only is Calgary rich in a wide variety of things to do, see, and experience, it’s a very affordable city as well.

Which Top City Appeals to You the Most?

Canada has many cities to choose among, and each one has its own advantages. There is the fast-paced big city life of Toronto, the arts and culture focused Saskatoon, the nature-inspired costal city of Vancouver, the diversity and can-do spirit of Calgary, and the history and political power of Ottawa. No matter where you choose, you’ll find the one of these locations the perfect place to call home.

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6 thoughts on “Canada’s Top Cities to Buy Real Estate”

  1. I’ve been to Toronto and Vancouver on business and liked them both. But my favorite time in Canada was probably when Mrs. DD and I vacationed in Quebec City. On a couple of days, we drove to the provincial parks to the North for some day hiking. And Quebec City had a lot of fun things to explore on other days. And we ran the half marathon that the city puts on annually. The whole thing was pretty much a blast. Tom

    • @Tom- I loved Quebec City too, it felt like I was in Europe. I didn’t even know Quebec city had a half marathon 🙂 Or that Quebec had good day hiking! Sounds like a great trip.

  2. We need to take a trip up there one of these years and go to multiple cities including the major cities and the national parks in BC and Alberta.
    I’ve only been to Victoria a couple of times during a cruise and really liked walking through Chinatown, their Harbour where the Empress is located and the quiet residential areas.

  3. Hi GYM, I visited Toronto and Ottawa. I love Toronto, especially the Chinese food there. It’s not hard to drive around, and the street signs are very clear and easy to navigate. It’s not too far from where I live, 6-7 hour driving distance. I got to go there again sometime.

    • @Helen- Oh I didn’t realize you live so close to Canada. That’s like me driving to Portland 🙂 You should come to Vancouver to visit- especially in the spring when cherry blossoms are out.


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