Caddle Review (Is The Caddle App WORTH Your Time?)

Everyone loves to save money and I am no exception.  I’m a big fan of using cash back apps because I don’t have to spend time clipping coupons or even waiting for coupons to arrive in the mail.  Here’s my brutally honest Caddle review.  You’ll find out if it’s worth your time to download and use this Caddle app.

Caddle Canada Review

With Caddle, I also don’t have to spend time printing out coupons from the computer.  Cash back apps work by allowing you to submit receipts after the purchase.  There are other ways you can get cash back from Caddle Canada.  This is through Caddle’s easy to do surveys.  To be honest, Caddle is the only survey app that I tend to use daily because it’s so easy and the surveys literally take seconds to complete.

Updated May 2024

What is Caddle?

Caddle is a Canadian data insights marketplace that gives you cash back for answering surveys, uploading receipts, watching videos, and interacting with their offers.  When you use Caddle, you’re kind of like participating in a virtual focus group but with very short questionnaires.  What’s a very short questionnaire?  Think seconds.

I wouldn’t say it is an Ibotta in Canada since it is heavily focused on short surveys, but there are still coupons available on Caddle.

They also have uploading receipt options where you can get rebates for buying their offers.  Their aim is link companies so that they can directly interact with consumers.

Caddle was created by Ransom Hawley and Mick Higgins in 2015, and they are from Ontario.  Caddle actually was on Dragon’s Den, and asked for $125,000 for a 15% stake in the company (the settled on 28%).

You can watch Caddle’s pitch to the Dragons here.

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How Does The Caddle App Work?

There are just a few steps to start using Caddle.

  1. First, you sign up here to get $1 (once you complete your first survey or watch one ad)
  2. Then, download the app for free on iOS or Google Play
  3. Then you upload photos of your receipts for offers or you very short complete surveys. 
  4. Once you hit $20.00 you can cash out.

Here is an example of a Caddle survey offer:

Caddle Survey

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The survey offer is pretty reliable, there’s been a new survey posted on Caddle every day, and it is around $0.05 per survey (and the surveys literally takes seconds).  Sometimes there are surveys that are $0.25 or $0.10 or $0.15.

Here are some examples of the Caddle offers to use in-store.  If you purchase these items and upload your receipt, you will get cash back added to your account.

Caddle In Store Offers

The most unique thing about Caddle offers is that there are Costco receipt uploads where you can get $0.50 for each receipt that you submit that is over $5.

As of June 2020 Caddle added receipt uploads for $0.10 to more Canadian retailers such as Loblaw’s, Dollarama, Sobey’s, Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart (yes you can still collect your PC Optimum points).  So if you shop at each (during the limited time period) you get $0.10 per receipt upload for each store.

It’s one of the few apps that pay you to scan receipts in Canada.

I suppose they are trying to do more research on what people are buying right now at these particular stores in Canada.

They go pretty fast though, I think there are a limited number of them, so if you see them, grab your receipt and upload it to Caddle, because the next time you refresh or open your Caddle app, they will likely be gone.

Here is what the Caddle Costco offer looks like:

Caddle Costco cash back

I’ve been using Caddle for over 3 years, here are some of the pros and cons of Caddle that I have identified.

Caddle Review Pros

I actually do like their short surveys.  They just take seconds to complete (usually under a minute or two in my own experience) and you get $0.05.  It’s not very much but if you’re just a few dollars short of hitting the $20 cash out, it’s an easy way to get there.

I calculate completing the 5 cents Caddle surveys to be about $18/hr, so you can decide whether it’s worth your time.

$0.05/10 seconds x 60 seconds/1 min x 60 min/1hr= $18/hr!

If all you did were $0.05 surveys it would take you 400 days to get to $20.  There are also $0.25 surveys or $0.10 surveys and you can also submit receipts for $0.10 a piece.

Also, I find it interesting to know what kind of market research questions are out there and what kind of trends are going on in our Canadian consumer culture.  If you are bored, you can fill out a survey and get $0.05, but if you have better things to do then this can be a bit of a time waster.

Sometimes though they have what I call “high yield” surveys for $0.25 or $0.75 or even $2.50.  The more money you get the longer it is expected to take.  Sometimes though you answer a question that they don’t want to hear… for example “I don’t ever go online shopping” and it just shuts down the rest of the survey AND you still get paid out your $0.25 but it still takes the duration of a $0.05 survey’s time.

I also like that there are Costco coupons and offers, and this is simply just for submitting a receipt over $5.00.  The only one would be able to go to Costco and spend less than $5 is if they went to the food court area and ordered the $1.50 hot dog and drink!!

The offer is to receive $0.50 from Costco every time you submit a Costco receipt.

Caddle Review Cons

I find the selection of coupon offers on Caddle are very limited and the product offers are either quite unique or hard to find. 

They are often the same and there is definitely not as much variety as Checkout 51.  I may be wrong, but it seems that there are some offers that have not changed since I downloaded the Caddle app in 2018.

Another con is that when you submit a receipt, you get an email saying that they will process your receipt and review it within 72 hours, in recent years, this has been accurate.  However, when I first downloaded Caddle, it sometimes took longer than 72 hours to know if my receipt had been approved.

By this time, I have filed my receipt (it was not uploaded properly) and am too lazy to dig around for the receipt that got rejected and resubmit it again.  This only happened about 1-2 times.  The other times, it was okay and there were no issues.

Finally, and very rarely, the Caddle app was not working for me.  I freaked out a little bit but managed to turn on and off my phone, redid my Caddle Canada login, and it worked again.


Caddle Cashback Cheque

Cashing out to get cheque from Caddle is easy.

You just click Cash Out on the app, but you need to have at least $20.00 to be able to cash out.  Cheques are mailed within 5-15 business days.

You’ll get an email notifying you that they will mail out your cheque.

So far, since 2018, I’ve received over $100 from Caddle.  I don’t spend very much time on Caddle though, so I guess this is not bad for the $100.

Caddle Promo Code

If you’re looking for the Caddle app promo code to get a free $1.00 when you do your first offer, here it is 🙂

You can download Caddle here for iOS or Android and use the referral code of BE5YANP538.

You can input the referral code by click the Account section and click on the “Redeem Code” button.

Then, you just need complete one qualifying offer (this can be a $0.05 survey) and you’ll get $1.00 added to your account.

Alternately, you can sign up here through this link to get $1.00.

Once you sign up, you can also refer your family and friends and get $1.00 as well and you will get your own referral code or Caddle app promo code.

Is Caddle Legit?  Caddle Review Verdict:

In summary, my Caddle review is positive.

I think this is an okay cash back app especially if you shop at Costco (as you will get rewarded $0.50 each receipt over $5 that you submit).  It can be difficult to reach the $20 cash out and is definitely not as rewarding as the other Canadian cash back app, Checkout 51.

Since 2018 I have cashed out over $220.  The ROI or ‘return’ on time invested is not very high, but if you like to answer surveys and are diligent about opening this app daily to answer surveys, then this cash back app might be for you.

Some other cash back apps and websites that I find to have a better return on investment time-wise are:

Caddle did recently improve and now there are options to upload receipts to places other than Costco.  Not sure how long this will last though.

There are also daily surveys so if you’re looking to make $0.05 a day when you’re on your phone anyway, you’ll be at a $20 cash out for simply doing a survey every day for a year.  It will likely happen sooner than a year since they have surveys that are $0.10 or $0.25 too.

I would say Caddle is still one of the best personal finance apps in Canada mainly for the addictive quality for the easy to complete surveys.

Hopefully this Caddle review was useful and brutally honest for you!  $100 doesn’t seem like very much but if you add it up, you’ll get to $7200+ of savings in no time in one year!  So is downloading Caddle worth your time?

You don’t save money very fast with Caddle but it’s still better than nothing I suppose.  If you’re looking for other ways to save money in Canada that don’t take as long, here are some other ways to save money fast.

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Do you have Caddle Canada?

What’s your Caddle review?

Do you want to start saving money and earn cash back from groceries and shopping? Caddle also lets you earn money by doing very short surveys or watching videos. Click this pin to learn how to use the Caddle cash back app for Canadians. #savemoney #cashback #groceries
Are you interested to start saving money and earn cash back from groceries and shopping? Caddle also lets you earn money by doing very short surveys or watching videos. Click this pin to learn how to use the Caddle cash back app for Canadians. #savemoney #cashback #groceries
Are you interested to start saving money and earn cash back from groceries and shopping? Caddle also lets you earn money by doing very short surveys or watching videos. Click this pin to learn how to use the Caddle cash back app for Canadians and make money in your spare time. #savemoney #cashback #groceries
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24 thoughts on “Caddle Review (Is The Caddle App WORTH Your Time?)”

  1. Like you GYM I’ve been using Caddle for awhile. I’m the beginning I think the offers were WAY better. It took me no time to accumulate $50 in savings. I cashed out for a cheque with no problems. Then the app changed and now I don’t find the offers that good at all. I still login from time to time when I remember but at this rate it will take me years to get $20 again for my next cheque.

      • Sorry but, if Caddle pays by a cheque, a BIG NO to Caddle…. The paper cheque needs a paper and mailing (envelope and use of print/postal ticket). Actually, this are straight from our trees (cutting of trees) and completely environment unfriendly…. and eventually the paper goes to garbage lead to earth pollution. Wish Caddle had option of PayPal or e-Giftcard payout in this e-world! No – No- No – Avoid Caddle and support environment.

        • actually, paper IS able to be recycled, and second of all it’s not like Canada is lacking trees. the companies don’t want to send cheques because it costs them more money so to make a long story short it’s great that caddle sends cheques.

  2. I didn’t know Caddle was on Dragon’s Den! Interesting!

    When I first started using Caddle, I absolutely loved it. I found I got way more from it than say, Checkout 51. But over the last little while, less of the offers have been applicable to me.

    That said, like you, I do like the short surveys! I wish the yield was higher, but considering they take no time at all and you can’t get screened out, I’m into it.

    • @Tara- That’s true, you don’t get screened out which is nice. The worst is when you take all this time to do a prescreening survey and you don’t get compensated for the actual survey because you’re not eligible for it!

  3. Caddle has stopped working, have tried to reset password couple of time, it still says email address and password doesn’t match. Send message to customer services but yet to reply.

  4. Hi I’ve been using Caddle for a while and cashed out $20 twice but as of July 2020 they locked me out . I tried to cash out $40 out of $44 I have earned. I’ve tried to log in about 10 times but they won’t let me log in “unable to sign in”. I reset the password a few times and no luck. I’ve been thinking of reporting them to the OPP Fraud unit. They’re now making money from sponsors and keep the thousands of dollars they’re making by not paying their earnings. It had become a scam due to COVID-19.

  5. I have been locked out of my account for 5 days and tried to reset my password at least 5 times and it won’t let me sign in.Help.

  6. I’ve had caddle since the beginning always raves about how good they are and how great customer service is. Fast forward to this week when I found myself and my mother locked out of our accounts. Why you ask? Because we have the same IP address because we share internet I own a house and she lives in my apartment 2 separate addresses 2 separate mailboxes. We’ve sent videos to prove this as they requested but they refuse to unlock our accounts. I have $102 in my account and she had about $70 she thinks.

    The customer service has been completely rude and ignorant even calling me a liar. They have not once contacted my mother but she has emailed them and they have not replied a single time. I’ve gone from saying The best app to saying the worst app and worse customer service ever.

  7. I gave used Caddle for a couple of years. I find it fast & easy to use. When a bug occurs they are extremely fast in correcting it. In addition they let you know when it will be fixed

      • I joined Caddle before Easter. I sent in 2 receipts before April 18 and so far I haven’t got credited. I sent one in yesterday and still waiting. I have never had this problem with Checkout 51. I’ve cashed out $1200 there. When there is a problem they solve it right away.


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