26 Birthday Freebies in Vancouver (For 2024)

I love free food and free in general, who doesn’t?  Even better are free things on your birthday. There are a lot of lists out there for birthday freebies in Canada but some of them aren’t updated or don’t work.  Here are some birthday freebies in Vancouver that work.  These best birthday freebies in Canada will make your special day even better (I know it does for me!).  This Vancouver birthday freebie list will be sorted by beverages, meals and food, and things and experiences.  I hope you have a great birthday with these free things on your birthday in Vancouver.

Birthday Freebies in Vancouver

Free Birthday Vancouver

My husband isn’t a fan of celebrating his birthday but this year since I was on maternity leave in Canada, and didn’t have to work, I’m went all out on researching the birthday freebies for his birthday.

Usually, I’m not able to partake in the birthday goodness celebration because a) I’m not organized enough to strategize the birthday and b) I am usually working on my birthday or my husband’s birthday.

From now on though, I’m going to try and take the day off to celebrate even though I am not Financially Independent Retire Early (FIRE) yet.  Life is too short to be working on your birthday all the time in my opinion 🙂

One birthday I went to Blenz (a Canadian coffee shop where they have delicious Belgian white hot chocolates) and asked if I got a birthday drink and they said they didn’t give out birthday drinks at that Blenz store.  Needless to say, it was kind of embarrassing and I didn’t bother asking other Blenz stores.  I didn’t really care to be rejected twice on my birthday, once was enough, thank you.

So here are some birthday freebies in Vancouver and free birthday stuff in Canada that actually work, coming from a Canadian personal finance blogger!

Why not save money on your birthday and treat yourself at the expense of these generous businesses?

Last updated: January 2024

Free Birthday Drinks:

Starbucks Birthday Freebie

This is probably one of the most well-known birthday freebie offers, but you can get a free drink (of any kind that you want).

To qualify you need a Starbucks Gift Card and need to sign up for Starbucks Rewards at least 7 days before your birthday.  Then you have to have a star earning purchase (it is earned usually from buying something at Starbucks) before your birthday each year.  Also, make sure your Starbucks Rewards account online includes your birthday.

So this takes a bit of planning if you’re not a Starbucks Rewards member already.  You can redeem for a complimentary handcrafted beverage OR one a complimentary food item OR a complimentary ready-to-drink bottled beverage.

You will get an email about 2 days before your birthday reminding you of your birthday Starbucks drink.

Starbucks Birthday Freebie
  • When to Redeem: On  your birthday
  • Value: up to $6.00-$9.40 (including tax)

I signed up for my birthday reward two years and got a membership card.  I didn’t get the birthday email but I managed to call Starbucks customer service and they inputted the birthday reward on my account.  You can get food instead of drinks too, however, I personally think their drinks taste better than their food.

If you choose the food option, it’s a great way to save money on food, if you ask me.

It can be any menu item and you can even order it ahead on the Starbucks app and click “claim your birthday reward” without even having to talk to anyone.

If you are choosing a drink, make sure you get a venti size. A great iced drink option to choose as yoru Starbucks Birthday Freebie is the Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso. I think it added to something like $7.50 after my modifications, it was great to get it for free.

Since I signed up for Starbucks Rewards, I got hooked on their coffee and probably go there every few weeks, only buying when I get 25 Rewards points or if I am redeeming for free coffee.  Here’s how to get free Starbucks Coffee in Canada (without doing 1 hour long surveys).

TIm Hortons Birthday Offer

Similar to Starbucks, Tims Rewards has a birthday offer.  To qualify, you have to sign up for Tim Hortons Rewards 7 days before your birthday.

Then you have to make an eligible transaction within 12 months of your birthday.

Tim Hortons Birthday Reward

Your birthday offer will be communicated to you within the app or by email.

You can get a Tim Hortons Birthday Offer, which is usually enough points for a brewed coffee or tea, hot chocolate, french vanilla, or a Tim’s iced coffee.  You can also get a breakfast sandwich.

Just like with Starbucks, you can only redeem your birthday offer on your birthday.

This is what the Tim Horton’s Birthday Offer looks like:

Tim Hortons Birthday

When you are ordering in the app, make sure it says “Reward” beside your order so that you can redeem the reward and not get charged (I made this mistake unfortunately).

Finally, one thing to note if you value your privacy is to make sure you turn off GPS tracking in the app.  In the summer of 2020, the Tim Horton’s app was in the news because it was found they are tracking your whereabouts, even if it is no where a Tim Hortons, and when you go away to Morocco for international travel!

  • When to redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: Up to $4.85 or so

Also, it all has to be done in the app and redeemed in the Tim Hortons app.

You can’t just go into Tim Hortons and show them your Driver’s License- that does not work.

David’s Tea Birthday Tea

If you join the Frequent Steeper Club you get 5 Free Points towards free loose leaf tea.  To get 50g of loose leaf tea, you need 100 Points.  50g of loose leaf tea is around $7.98.

  • When to redeem: When You get to 100 Points
  • Value:  Miniscule… but worth it if you’re a huge David’s Tea fan

Blenz Birthday Drink

Previously, you could go to select Blenz shops and show your driver’s license for your free birthday drink.

However, as of 2021, Blenz created the Friends of Blenz app.

If you become a Friends of Blenz member, you can get a free handcrafted drink on your birthday.

To qualify for this free Blenz birthday drink, you have to download the app at least 7 days before your birthday MONTH (e.g. the month before  your birthday), input your birthdate in the app, and make a qualifying points earning purchase before your birthday each year.

The Blenz birthday drink is a free hand crafted drink.  You will get a scan code that the barista can scan on your birthday for your free drink.

This is the perfect pick me up for an overwhelmed working mom.

When you download the app and make a purchase, you can get a free drink too.

  • When to redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: Around $5

Chatime Free Birthday Drink

Another great birthday freebies in Vancouver is the Chatime birthday drink.

If you join the Chatime Societea Rewards program by signing up for their app.  It is free to join.

Chatime Free Birthday Drink BC

If you make a purchase of at minimum $2.50 purchase per year with the time frame of at least 7 days before your birthday (AND you input your birthday at least 7 days beforehand in the app), you can get a free Chatime birthday drink.

The free birthday drink from Chatime will be automatically loaded on your app 7 days before your birthday and is valid for 7 days after your birthday.

Chatime Birthday Drink

It can be any Chatime free regular size drink and you have to pay extra for pearls or other add-ons.

Brown sugar oat milk drinks don’t qualify, unfortunately, but any of their regular drinks (e.g. milk teas, or smoothies, and slushes qualify). 

  • When to redeem:  7 days before your birthday up to 7 days after your birthday (14 days time frame)
  • Value: $6.20 (approximately)

Shiny Tea Birthday Panda Milk Tea

If you download the Shiny Tea app, you can get $5 off your first order.  The Panda Milk Tea features a mix of white pearls and the usual sized black pearls.

You can get 20% off any menu item on your birthday as well, they used to give you a free birthday drink but this is no more as of 2022.

There are four locations in the metro Vancouver area, two in Richmond and two in Burnaby.

  • When to redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: $1 or so (20% off $4.99)


Jugo Juice Birthday Smoothie

A Vancouver birthday isn’t complete until you get to enjoy a free birthday smoothie.

If you join Jugo Juice Rewards, you can get a large smoothie for your birthday.  They started this Jugo Juice birthday smoothie promotion in 2021.

After you sign up you’ll also get a free small Jugo Juice smoothie email offer to use within 14 days. This was the email I got in 2023.

You’ll get bonus Birthday Points, enough to receive a free large Jugo Juice smoothie on your birthday.

Jugo Juice has locations all across Canada, most notably, I see them at some of the Canada Line stations in Vancouver.  This is great since Booster Juice stopped offering free birthday smoothies.

  • When to redeem: Up to 3 days after your birthday
  • Value: $8.95

Free Birthday Breakfast:

Birthday freebies in Vancouver aren’t just limited to free drinks, you can feed yourself the whole day while you’re at it!

Ihop Birthday Pancakes

Unfortunately, as of 2022, there are no longer IHOP birthday pancakes in Canada. In the United States they provide you an email with 5 Pancoins which is equivalent to a stack of pancakes, but there’s nothing for Canadian IHOP locations. I was excited to get my IHOP pancakes this year but there’s nothing anymore right now.

At IHOP (International House of Pancakes) you can get a FREE full stack of World Famous Pancakes when you join their MyHOP club.  

Taxes and gratuity are extra.  I have tried the glazed strawberries flavour and the strawberries and banana flavour, and it was delicious!

A stack of pancakes (4) for free, sweet birthday freebies!

Just show your email with the code to your server and they will give you your free pancakes.

  • When to Redeem: You’ll get an email 1 week before your birthday and it is valid for 14 days from the date of the email
  • Value: Up to approximately $12.49

Dennys Grand Slam Birthday Breakfast

If you go to Denny’s on your actual birthday and show a government-issued ID you get a free original Grand Slam breakfast, this is comprised of two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausages and two pancakes (basically you get a “Build Your Own Grand Slam”.

Taxes and gratuities are extra.  The hash browns are delicious, though I find that IHOP pancakes are better than Denny’s.

Unfortunately, you can’t do your Grand Slam birthday freebie as ‘take out’.  You can only dine-in for your Denny’s Vancouver birthday freebie.

In 2024, you can pick anything from the menu and get $13.99 taken off your bill, so you’re not limited to going to Denny’s for breakfast, you can go for birthday Denny’s dinner instead!

  • When to Redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: $13.99
Denny's Birthday Freebie

Free Birthday Lunch/ Dinner:

Red Robin Royalty Birthday Burger

This is one of my favourite birthday freebies in Vancouver.

If you sign up for Red Robin Royalty you get a free burger coupon emailed to you one week before your birthday and it is valid for the month of your birthday. This includes any of their gourmet burgers but not the Finest Burgers.

My husband picked the mushroom burger.  I usually get the blue cheese burger.

Please excuse the dollop of cheese curds and gravy in the picture, that was from my blue cheese burger with the $1.99 add-on poutine (which wasn’t very good) haha!

The Red Robin birthday burger is probably our favourite birthday freebie.  They have the best burgers and fries, in my opinion.

When you get the Red Robin, you just tell them you would like to claim your birthday burger, and they will ask for your cell phone number (the number associated with Red Robin Royalty).

The best thing about the Red Robin birthday burger is that you can take your burger freebie out for takeout.  Some locations also have large outdoor patios too.

If you order a lower priced burger, they still give you the $ off the more expensive burger (if it was the burger you as the birthday girl or guy ordered).

As of 2023, the Red Robin Birthday Burger is not valid for take out (dine-in only), and if you have minors in your Red Robin Royalty account, their birthday burger is also only for dine-in.

Red Robin Free Birthday Burger

Red Robin burgers and their fries (bottomless fries) are so delicious, it is my favourite burger ever.

Red Robin Birthday Freebie
  • When to Redeem: 1 week before your birthday up to the end of your birthday month
  • Value: Up to $17.99 with a minimum purchase of $4.99
Red Robin Free Birthday Burger

Cobs Bread Birthday Freebie

Thanks to a commenter below, you can sign up for the Cobs e-newsletter, you can get a free Cobs cinnamon bun on your birthday.

You have to sign up for the Cobs Club at least 7 days before your birthday and you need to make a purchase within 1 year Cobs before your birthday.

You can pick the iced or plain cinnamon bun.

  • When to Redeem: Up to 14 days after your birthday.
  • Value: $3.80

In addition, Cobs gives you a Half-Birthday treat! A scone of any flavour.

This is the white chocolate berry cone.

Grounds for Coffee Free Cinnamon Bun

Another Vancouver birthday freebie is from Grounds for Coffee (thanks reader!).

If you’d like to compare Cobs free cinnamon bun to Grounds For Coffee’s free cinnamon bun on your birthday, you can.

Grounds for Coffee Birthday Cinnamon Bun

If you download the Grounds for Coffee app, you can get a free cinnamon bun on your birthday.

Grounds for Coffee claims to have the world’s best cinnamon bun.

They have locations at 10th and Alma (near UBC) and Commercial Drive.

  • When to Redeem: Your birthday
  • Value: $4.85

Pajo’s Fish and Chips Birthday Bogo

At Pajo’s with a purchase of a second meal of equal or greater value, when you order fish and chips, burgers, and tacos menu.

As of July 2021, Pajo’s now has an Pajo’s app where you can order your BOGO meal, pay through the app and pick up at Pajo’s (they likely won’t accept the print out coupons that they accepted previously now).

Here’s what the Pajo’s app looks like.

Pajos app birthday meal

If you are having trouble getting your birthday BOGO coupon, you should email info@pajos.com to inquire.

You will need to claim your coupon by logging in to your Pajo’s app account or online ordering website within seven days of your birthday.

Once you do get it, it should be in the Coupons section and it’s called “Birthday BOGO”.

Just be careful, Pajo’s sometimes turns off the app ordering function on weekends when it is busy, but they will honour your birthday request if you go on the weekend (at least they have in my experience).

Also, remember that Pajo’s fries are BOTTOMLESS! 

So you can go for seconds or thirds of their delicious fries at the pick up window if you are so inclined.

  • When to Redeem: Up to 120 days after your birthday
  • Value: Around $15
Pajos Birthday Meal

New York Fries Birthday freebie

If you join New York Fries Fry Society Loyalty Program you can get a free regular fries from New York Fries on your birthday.

New York Fries locations are usually at shopping malls.

  • When to Redeem: Your Birthday
  • Value: Around $5
New York Fries birthday freebie

Carlos and Kelly O’ Bryan’s Irish pub

This is in British Columbia (Vernon, Nanaimo, Kits in Vancouver, etc.) and for your birthday bring your ID and get a meal for free.

This birthday freebies in Vancouver has recently changed it!  It used to be your AGE minus the bill but they have reined it in.  Now it is $20 off your meal if you come before 4pm (and you have to bring a friend, it doesn’t count towards drinks, and it is only for your meal) and $30 off your meal if you come after 4pm.  Here are more details on their website.

You also can’t go alone, you will have to bring someone with out to dine.

  • When to Redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: $20 or $30 off your meal (before or after 4pm respectively)

Free Birthday Desserts:

Cartem’s Donut

Cartem’s has the best donuts in town in my opinion.

For your birthday if you bring a government ID, Cartem’s will give you a free birthday donut! 

No purchase required.

Starting in 2024 though, they will likely start requiring an email sign up in exchange for your birthday donut.

Cartem's birthday donut

Cartem’s donuts are not your run of the mill donuts but are gourmet donuts.  Each donut normally costs over $3 a piece.

The London Fog stuffies donut is London fog infused whipped cream stuffed inside a donut.  It is probably the best donut I have ever tasted and it is their most popular donut by far.

This picture of the London Fog stuffies doesn’t do it justice, it is SO good.  That London fog infused whip cream is just amazing.

  • When to redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: Up to $4

The Keg Birthday Billy Miner Pie

If you go to The Keg on your birthday and tell them it’s your birthday, they give you a free Billy Miner pie. 

It’s delicious and this Keg birthday freebie works but that was a few years ago when I went.

The Keg Birthday Freebie
  • When to Redeem: On your birthday (have your government ID available)
  • Value: Around $6

Boston Pizza Birthday Dessert

If you sign up for My BP Loyalty Program, you can get a free dessert on your birthday. 

No purchase necessary but probably a nice gesture.

You could probably stack this with the Kids Club Free Kids Meals, but I haven’t tried yet.

Too bad it’s not a free pizza, but a free dessert is still a nice touch.

If you end up going to Boston Pizza it is a merchant with Ampli for you to earn cash back.

  • When to Redeem: An email will be sent 1 week before your birthday and it is valid for two weeks
  • Value: Up to $7.99 depending on the dessert you order

White Spot Birthday Freebies

White Spot is one of my favourite restaurants. If you go on your birthday, they will give you a free White Spot dessert.

We took my son to Whitespot for his first birthday and they gave him a nice chocolate dessert. the chocolate salted brownie (which I proceeded to eat).

  • When to redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: $7.99

Dairy Queen Birthday Coupon

Join the DQ Blizzard Fan Club and get a BOGO Free Blizzard Treat.  Once you join you get an email coupon to print out for $3 off a DQ Cake or a BOGO Free Medium Blizzard Treat (of equal or lesser value).

  • When to Redeem: It expires 1 week after your birthday
  • Value: $5

Marble Slab Creamery Birthday Ice cream

Join Marble Mail and a free small Marble Slab ice cream cone.  You have to sign up at least 48 hours before your birthday in order to get the email coupon.

It used to be a BOGO offer but this year they sweetened the deal (no pun intended!).

  • When to Redeem:  On your birthday
  • Value: around $5
Marble Slab Creamery Free Birthday cone
Source: Marble Slab Creamery

 Baskin Robbins Birthday Ice Cream

If you join Baskin Robbins Club 31, you can get a free scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream. You will get an email for a coupon for a BOGO 2.5 oz scoop or 3 oz soft serve cone, or for $5 off a $20+ cake on your birthday.

You can register yourself and up to four children.

Baskin Robbins are located in over 100 locations across Canada, in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

  • When to Redeem: 5 days before and 5 days after your actual birthday
  • Value: Around $5

Free Birthday Things and Experiences:

Birthday freebies in Vancouver and Canada aren’t just limited to free food.  How about free make-up and skincare?

Sephora Birthday Gift

Sephora 2024 Birthday Freebie

This is well known for beauty fans that Sephora gives you a free birthday gift if you redeem it for the month of your birthday when you sign up for the Sephora Beauty Insider.

Signing up for the Sephora Beauty Insider is free.

Sephora is similar to Beauty Boutique with Shoppers Drug Mart, and I would argue that it is more popular.

You can either go in store and receive this gift with no purchase necessary, or go online and buy something from Sephora ($50 minimum for free shipping or if you are a Beauty Insider sometimes they have no minimum shipping) and add your birthday gift onto your online purchase.

Don’t forget to sign up for Rakuten to get cash back if you end up doing the online purchase (you can get $30 cash back if you aren’t a member yet and sign up and make a purchase within 30 days).

I got a NARS lip pencil one year and loved it so much I bought the full size lip pencil.

For the Sephora 2024 birthday freebie, they are offering your choice of:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Look Birthday Set– A lipstick, setting spray, and moisturizer
  • Morroccanoil Ultimate Hydration Birthday Set– Treatment hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer
  • Kosas Lip and Brow Birthday Set- Treatment gloss and Treatment Eyebrow gel
  • Youth to the People Treatment and Hydrate Birthday Set– Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Night Cream and Face Mask
  • 250 Sephora Beauty Insider points

Here’a  link to the current 2024 birthday freebie options from Sephora.

  • When to Redeem: Your birthday month or two weeks before your birthday
  • Value: Approximately $10

I chose the Glow Recipe for my Sephora 2023 birthday freebie.

Sephora 2023 Birthday Freebie

London Drugs $5 Birthday gift voucher

If you sign up for London Drugs LDExtras program they email you a $5 gift voucher for your birthday.   It’s an easy way to get a free gift card or voucher.

You can either buy something online from London Drugs online, or when you are at London Drugs, you can ask them to apply your birthday coupon to your purchase.

London Drugs Birthday Reward

As of 2023, you have to make a purchase within the past 12 months at London Drugs to get your London Drugs Birthday Reward.

You have to load and activate your voucher to your account to get the $5.

These are exclusive birthday freebies in Vancouver, since London Drugs is is Western Canada.

  • When to Redeem: An email will be sent 1 week before your birthday and you have to activate it before the last day of your birthday month to get the voucher loaded onto your account.  The $5 voucher expires in about 6 months.
  • Value: $5

Rexall Free Be Well Points

If you join the Rexall Be Well Program (it’s kind of like the PC Optimum Program) you can get an email for10,000 Be Well points if you may ANY purchase during your birthday month. It can even be a pack of gum or a dozen eggs.

You just have to click “load offer” when you get the email so it can be loaded to your Be Well account.

For the Be Well program, 25,000 points can be redeemed for $10 worth of goods from Rexall. So 10,000 Be Well points is worth about $4.

Rexall has numerous locations in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Quebec. Basically all across Canada.

  • When to Redeem: You have to make any purchase during your birthday month.
  • Value: About $4

There we have it, this birthday freebies in Vancouver list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good list to work on!  Why not have a frugal and thrifty birthday in Vancouver, in the meantime you can continue trying to get rich in Canada.

If you’re looking for birthday freebies for kids in Canada, check out this post.

Also, if you’re expecting a baby, here’s a list of free baby stuff you can get in Canada.

Readers, have you ever tried getting a birthday freebie on your birthday? 

If so, what are your favourite birthday freebies in Vancouver and Canada?

Anything else to add to this Vancouver birthday freebie list?

Don't miss these 13 birthday freebies that will make this birthday your best yet! Makeup, pancakes, Starbucks, burgers, and even yoga! Pin this for later or check it out now to prepare for your birthday. #freebies #birthdayfreebies #freestuff #money #savemoney #youdeserveit
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58 thoughts on “26 Birthday Freebies in Vancouver (For 2024)”

  1. Gosh GYM. That is quite a list. I have never participated much in birthday freebies. My wife signed my up for a free scoop of Baskin Robins ice cream. I used it a couple times/years, but most of the time it would just expire. I remember one time taking it to the local store and they looked at me like I had 2 heads. They had to get a manager to approve it. I guess I am leaving too much money on “the table”. Tom

    • @Tom- That sounds like the experience I had (at Blenz)! Not a nice way to spend your birthday when people are second-guessing your birthday coupon or request! Well, hopefully there’s a Red Robin near you because that was one of the most organized and easy redemptions, and delicious might I add!

    • @Sarah- I know, I had no idea it was so awesome until recently. Now I am hooked and will probably go annually for the free burger haha. Oh, cool, hope Craft in Edmonton does the same thing! Good luck!

  2. Hi GYM, I was in Mexico for my Birthday, but have never participated in any birthday freebies in the past. I did not know there was that many companies with birthday promotions. I will have to keep this list for next year.

    • @Steve- Happy birthday and welcome back from Mexico! Maybe you can surprise your wife with a birthday freebie day (one of my best girlfriends did this for her boyfriend at the time, and then he proposed to her on his birthday! How sweet).

  3. I didn’t know about most of these. Even when I do, I have a tendency to forget about it on the actual birthday! Lots of restaurants have freebies on birthdays, I guess you just need to ask!
    I wonder if The Keg will continue the free dessert now that they will operate under Cara Operations.

    • @Caroline- Yes, that would be interesting if Keg takes that away now that they are under Cara. I was just thinking that the steaks might start tasting like Swiss Chalet rotisserie chicken.

  4. I love iHOP; that one would be the best for me. I usually get free Dunkin coffee on my bday. But I need to sign up for some more deals and be very strategic on my actual birthday to see where to go and what to get. It’s nice that these deals also don’t expire at the end of your birthday too. Thanks for the list!

    • @SMM- I hadn’t been an iHOP before this trip (my husband has been a few times). It seems very family friendly (which is good for us). I should see if Dunkin Donuts exists in Canada and if they offer this for birthdays in Canada! Yes, just like travel hacking you have to be strategic with birthday freebie acquisitions.

  5. We take advantage of the Red Robin birthday offer twice a year for both Mother with Cents and me. I know that it doesn’t include the specialty burgers but the gourmet ones will do especially since it’s free. What’s even better is that you can get as many fries as you can when you dine-in. Maybe we should sign up Baby with Cents with a Red Royalty card too so we can get three free burgers a year with unlimited fries…hahaha!!!

    • @Kris- Actually I thought of the Red Robin birthday burger from you (so, thank you)! I was wondering if they had this in Canada and they do! Haha that’s a great idea! Is there an age minimum for the Red Royalty club? I ordered 3 plates of unlimited fries, they are so good.

  6. Hi GYM!

    Nice list! I didn’t even know many of these… except for Sbux and the keg cake. I LOVE that keg cake… it’s sooooooooo good!! I didn’t know about the DQ promo. Since Buffett is so frugal and loves DQ, I would’ve thought he’d promote that offer… haha jk!

    I have to try the other stuff you listed, but I’m not sure if Toronto will carry all of them. We’ll see… I think our closest IHOP is in Niagara Falls, which is a 1.5 hour drive from where we live. We also don’t have many Denny’s. Again, only far outside the core. I know for sure they have one in Niagara Falls >.<

    But again, I gotta google all the stuff on your list. Thanks for mentioning them! <3

    • @fin$avvyapnda- Haha, yes, I wonder why that is with DQ!? Oh, 1.5 hour drive is not worth it for IHOP but if you do a Niagara falls getaway that would be nice. But still a lot of work. I’m surprised there’s not that many Dennys in Toronto, there are a few of them here. Have a great birthday!

  7. Great list! Made me want a DQ cake asap! Didn’t even know about the other deal there. After having s kiddo, we don’t go out at all! Except DQ. The $5 lunch baskets with a Sundae are my fav!

    I just may have to hit up Starbucks sometime too…I drive by one on my work every day but have resisted it so far!

    • @Mrs. DS- Yeah, it’s so hard to go out to restaurants. We scheduled it during nap times or after nap times. I actually don’t have a gift card (threw them all away once they were empty) so I need to go get one for this year’s Starbucks freebie as well.

  8. I’m all about the Starbucks drink, it’s my favourite birthday freebie.

    Back in the day, Booster Juice used to send an email coupon leading up to your birthday for a free birthday smoothie. Not sure if they still do that anymore.

    • @Jessica- I got it a few years ago and then I don’t know what my reward number is anymore haha! I need to get a new one. Thanks for sharing about Booster juice! Good one to keep in mind too!

  9. I got the Caudalie for my birthday this year! However, I feel kind of guilty, because I have barely used it. I need to rethink my strategy when it comes to free stuff. Experiences are cool, but stuff I need to think twice about. On another note, I tried to get a free mini Diptyque candle for my birthday, but I got denied!

    • @The Luxe Strategist- Okay so I am so out of the fashion/cool loop that I had to google those two brands. Oh no, how come you got denied the mini Diptyque candle? That’s not a nice feeling, I am in solidarity with you from my hot Belgian chocolate rejection a few years back.

  10. Wow! Looking at these photos is making me crave some desserts!

    I have to look into Denny’s and Baskin Robin. Let’s see if Hawaii participates in anything for Birthdays other than Starbucks. My birthday is in March so I’m curious lol.

  11. Hi!
    A note about Blenz, it varies store-to-store since it actually depends on the owner of the Blenz (all of them are actually owned by different owners, unless that owner has more than one store).
    I know just in Downtown Vancouver alone near Robson St, there’s one that gives you free reign on any free drink, another that’s any drink but small size, and one that doesn’t do birthday drinks

  12. My wife and my birthday’s are within a few days of each other so we use to use a few (a lot? 🙂 ) of these as a combined birthday celebration. A few are picky about having multiple people at the same table use the birthday gift (which I suppose is their prerogative) but some are quite nice about it. We used to frequent the Red Robins at Metrotown (no longer there 🙁 ) because the waiter we got during our birthday was so nice about it and even included a free dessert. On the other hand, we had a bad experience at an iHOP once because we asked at the front but then were told later on that they wouldn’t accept multiple freebies at the same table.

    So if you and a loved one are celebrating birthdays at the same time make sure you know the restaurant’s policy on using the birthdays freebies.

  13. Craft Beer Market isn’t doing the birthday discount anymore; they told me all discounts were stopped in May. At least that’s what they told me today in Vancouver. (November 2020).

  14. Sign up on the VIP list at Agra Tandoori restaurant and receive a free dessert on your birthday. I had the Pista Kulfi – pistachio ice cream, it was really delicious.
    Also sign up on the VIPP (very important pizza person) at Me-n-Ed’s pizza parlors and receive a free mini pizza anytime within 7 days of your birthday.


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