August 2022 Dividend Income Update

So much for the reprieve from Mr. Market!

Hopefully you have been enjoying summer instead of worrying about the tumult of the stock market.

We went camping again, but this time to Vancouver Island.

During this trip, we also went crabbing (we haven’t gone in over two years) and were the most successful we’ve been since we started.

Crabbing is really fun, it feels like you are at the casino of the sea.

Everyone congratulates you on your “win” and as the hours pass you can see the excitement on people’s eyes as they hope to win. You walk around the pier scoping at other people’s buckets same as you walk around the casino looking at everyone’s stash of casino chips.

In the end, the casino of the sea was good to us.

We caught six crabs, three Dungeness crab and three Red Rock crab.

I even put crab on Kraft Dinner to try and fancy up our kid’s meal.

They did not particularly like the crab on KD combination.

We also tried sport fishing (and spent a significant amount of money hiring a few hour fishing charter) but weren’t as lucky there, unfortunately. We caught three fish (two salmon and one cod) but they were too small to keep.

I learned about the term “trolling” when applied to fishing (the only trolling I knew was Internet trolling haha).

Back to the topic of money. I encountered a very interesting compound interest chart from a replica Royal Bank from the 1920’s, where $0.25 is worth about $5.00 today.

There was even a poster from Royal Bank i the 1920’s that encouraged people to “live within their means”. Interesting that you don’t see those kinds of messages these days, more like advertisements encouraging you to borrow from your HELOC!

August 2022 Dividend Income Update

If you’re curious about my liquid net worth, subscribe and you’ll get the report with net worth numbers this week.

My long-term target is at least $35,000 annually of dividend income (definitely not a big deal if I don’t get this, my main goal is a 7 figure portfolio), or about a $1,000,000 dividend/ investment portfolio with a conservative 3.5% dividend yield.

For one of my 2022 personal finance resolutions, I was aiming for $25,000 in dividend income (this has been achieved).

Here’s my July 2022 Dividend Income Update if you want to look at my dividend portfolio from last month.  The forward annual yield at that time was $25,869.

A few notes: I leave the US dividends received/ estimated as a 1:1 US and CAD dollar exchange to keep thing simple.

My August 2022 Forward Dividend Income is $26,168 and this is a 1.2 % increase from last monthor $299 increase in annual dividend income.

My “hourly rate” is now $2.99 whether I’m eating or sleeping or mowing the lawn.

Or the rate is $12.58/hour if I was working a 40 hour work week.

Here’s my June 2022 screenshot chart from Wealthica below on my 12 month performance relative to the S&P/TSX and S&P500.

I am beating the market (both the S&P500 and S&P/TSX) but it’s not anything to be proud of since I still have paper losses haha.

To get to this page, log into Wealthica and click on “add-ons” then click on “Performance Report” in the drop down box. You’ll be able to see how your portfolio compares to the S&P/TSX and the S&P 500 (but it doesn’t include the dividends).

My August 2021 forward dividend income was $20,202 19,827, my August 2022 forward dividend income is $26,168 so my YoY increase is around 29%.

Here’s how my forward dividend yield looks like in 2022 compared to the last few years.

You can read my Wealthica review here if you’re interested in it– it’s free to sign up for!

I love it as it works especially well with my Questrade accounts because of the API access and the graphing capabilities of Wealthica are much better than what you would just get with Questrade.

Passiv also gives you very detailed information about your dividend income and Passiv Elite is free for Questrade users.You can even see your time-weighted returns for the past 12 months or year to date. It also breaks down exactly how many dividends you received from with companies or ETFs month by month into a pretty colour coded format.

You can sign up for a free Passiv Elite account here to look at your dividends received.

If you prefer your own spreadsheet instead, and you’re interested in getting your own dividend income spreadsheet tracker, sign up for a free download here

Dividends Received

I like tracking upcoming payments and ex-dividend dates using the Dividend Pro App. I just renewed for another year and they increased the price, it’s now $15.50 or so for a year but I think it’s worth it so I can keep myself updated regarding dividend payments and changes (especially ETF distribution changes since they are harder to keep track of).

I average the last year’s ETF’s distributions to get my ‘forward’ yield.

Here are the companies and ETFs that paid dividends in August 2022. It was a below average dividend payout month.

  • Riocan REIT (REI.UN.TO)
  • TD Bank (TD.TO)
  • National Bank of Canada (NA.TO)
  • BMO Laddered Preferred Shares ETF (ZPR.TO)
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Verizon (VZ)

Dividend Portfolio Changes

  • I also picked more Vanguard ex-Canada ETF (VXC.TO)
  • I bought more Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI)
  • Altria (MO) announced a 4.44% increase in the dividend in August, from $0.90 quarterly to $0.94 quarterly.

Nothing too exciting last month 🙂

Here are some of my favourite five Canadian dividend stocks if you’re interested.

How did your August go?

Have you ever tried fishing?

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  1. I have fished but never crab fished. But I definitely love your crab and KD combination. A meal with ingredients on far ends of the “fancy” to “unfancy” spectrum (ha!).

    Great job on the dividend income. Amazing how much increase you’ve seen compared to last year.


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