Article Furniture Review: How to Buy Furniture Online

Article Furniture Review: How to Buy Furniture Online
Source: Article

I actually first heard of Article from a friend of mine who furnished part of her new home with Article (including two sofas, a dining table and chairs, and accent chairs).  She told me that there was no physical store to test and try out the furniture, and that’s why their prices were so reasonable.  They skip the expense of a brick and mortar store and pass those savings to the consumer.  I must admit, my first thought was “How do you know if the sofa is comfortable?”

After acknowledging my incredulous look, she said read reviews of the furniture online from the Article website, looked at Instagram pictures, and basically found their sofa through online reviews.  When they got the sofa, she said it was very comfortable, just like the reviews said it would be.  Of course, when I was over at her new place, I sat on her Article sofa, her accent chair, and her dining chairs and can contest that they are all indeed very comfortable.  Amazing.

Fast forward a few months to our own furniture shopping adventure, and seriously, furniture shopping is almost impossible with an active toddler who does not want to sit in a stroller and wants to run around the furniture store.  We went to a ton of places to look at furniture and didn’t find anything that we liked.

Then I started looking at furniture online.

What is Article Furniture?

Article is a direct to consumer furniture company that specializes in mid-century modern (MCM) and Scandinavian design high quality furniture.  It was launched by four cofounders who are computer engineers from Vancouver in 2013!  They created a direct-to-consumer furniture business by eliminating brick and mortar shops, and by extension, the drastic (normally 400%) retail mark-up of furniture.  Article designs their own modern furniture with materials from all around the world.

Since Article eliminates the brick and mortar shops (though there is a Vancouver headquarters and port warehouses in the United States but these are not open to the public), it passes the savings along to the customer, an estimated 40-60% of furniture savings, according to Canadian Business magazine.

The success story of Article really reminds me of Delivering Happiness and Tony Hsieh of the online shoe empire, Zappos.  The service is faster than what one would normally expect from a furniture store.  Article has five guiding principles: be direct, be better, be good, be genuine and be adventurous.

Article Furniture Review
Source: Article

Article provided the furniture to review for this post. All opinions are my own.  See’s disclaimer for more information.

Here’s my review of the Article furniture ordering experience, including how much shipping is, what their return policy is, and how the furniture looks and feels to sit on:

Article Ordering Experience

Ordering from Article was easy.  Their website is very user friendly, you can click on the tabs for a drop down menu for the furniture you are looking for.  Then you see the pieces available and their designs.

Article Furniture Review

You can click on the pictures and the dimensions and measurements to get a close up look of the material and finishing.  This is the Seno extendable dining table, and it seats up to 10 or 12.

Article Seno Extendable Dining Table

What I like best about the Article website is that they have an “Article Social Club” where you can view Instagram pictures through the #ourArticle hashtag of how other people furnished their home with that particular piece of furniture, so you can get inspiration for your interior design ideas.

Article Social Club

Article had our selected furniture (a Seno dining table and Sede chairs) in stock and so delivery would be within two weeks, however, when we ordered them our home wasn’t ready yet because of home construction delay.  I got a text that wanted to verify my address and delivery date for the order with a convenient link to confirm the date of delivery.  I also got an email with the same notice, it was super fast and easy to confirm and verify the address of delivery.

Of course, our contractor told us we would be moving in at a certain date, but then as things got delayed he said we would need to postpone the date.  I had to delay the date with the furniture delivery and it was very easy to do with a quick, hassle-free phone call to the delivery number.

The day before delivery, I got a text and email confirming the delivery window time, which was a 4 hour window.   The day of delivery, the delivery team called about 20 minutes before they arrived as well.  The delivery went very smoothly.

The Seno extendable dining table is gorgeous, heavy SOLID walnut wood and it has a very smooth finish.  It is very well made and solid and as I mentioned, very heavy.

Article Online Furniture

This is what the Seno dining table looks like without the extension.

Article Seno Extendable Table

The leaves of the table are easily removable.  The extension support and hinge for the leaves are quite ingenious, actually.  Two rods on either end of the table can be pulled out and the leaf is placed and hinges directly into place.  It’s sturdy and easy to add or remove the leaves.

Article Extendable Table

There are two pieces like this.  They can be stored away easily and then you have a smaller table that seats six comfortably.

Article Seno Extension

The Seno Walnut table goes well with the Sede black leather walnut dining chair.

Article furniture review for the dining room. Beautiful mid century modern decor for a minimalist clean design for your home. Ordering furniture online is easy and saves money and time. #MCM #modern #minimalist #decor #newhome #ourArticle

The Sede black leather dining chair is smooth and sleek and very mid century modern.  It is practical with young children because of the easy to clean leather.  The back of the chair and legs are the same American walnut as the Seno dining table.

Article Sede black leather walnut dining chair review for the dining room. Beautiful mid century modern decor for a minimalist clean design for your home. Ordering furniture online is easy and saves money and time. #MCM #modern #minimalist #decor #newhome #ourArticle

Article Furniture Shipping Costs

  • It is $49 for a flat rate shipping fee no matter how many pieces of furniture you order.  This is waived if have an order of $999 or more. Many local furniture places always charge a delivery cost so having it waived for a minimum order is fantastic.
  • For a bit more money, If you want furniture delivered to a specific room, it is $99
  • And for the ultimate upgrade of $169 they will deliver it to a specific room and then also assemble the furniture for you aka ‘white glove service’
Article Sede leather dining chairs and Seno extendable dining table furniture review for the minimalist and mid century modern dining room. Beautiful mid century modern decor for a minimalist clean design for your home. Ordering furniture online is easy and saves money and time. #MCM #modern #minimalist #decor #newhome #ourArticle

Article Furniture Refund Policy

The most important thing about ordering furniture online is probably the apprehension about whether or not you will like it or whether or not it will fit in your place.

The good thing is that Article has a 30 day no questions asked return policy.  All you have to do is pay for the shipping cost (which is $49 flat rate) if you would like a refund.  They will inspect it within 72 hours of arriving in the warehouse and if it is in as-new condition, they will issue the refund.

However, if you decide to exchange the furniture instead of refunding it, the return shipping cost is waived, so basically it’s free to exchange.  They have a policy where you can exchange each item within a delivery once, but if you exchange more than once additional shipping fees will be charged.

Article has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty if there are defects in material or workmanship.  You can check out more answers to other questions on their comprehensive FAQ’s page.

That’s my Article furniture review.  Ordering furniture online was really hassle free.  I didn’t have to deal with a cranky toddler who would rather be outside, or pushy commission-only furniture salespeople who try to sell us furniture protection plans. We were able to make a solid decision while enjoying a cup of coffee in our pyjamas.

Also make sure your home insurance covers in the case of flood damage or something like that.

Have you ever bought furniture online?  What was your experience like?

Article furniture Seno extendable dining table and Sede black leather walnut dining chairs review for a mid century modern look for the dining room. Beautiful mid century modern decor for a minimalist clean design for your home. Ordering furniture online is easy and saves money and time. #MCM #modern #minimalist #decor #newhome #ourArticle
How to buy furniture online to save money. Article furniture review for the dining room. Beautiful mid century modern decor for a minimalist clean design for your home. Ordering furniture online is easy and saves money and time. #MCM #modern #minimalist #decor #newhome #ourArticle
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13 thoughts on “Article Furniture Review: How to Buy Furniture Online”

  1. Nice review. Is the new home challenging your minimalism? It did to us, moving from 1200 sq ft. to 2,400. Have only purchased area rugs, lamps and such online. For big purchases, we usually like to see it and touch it first. Tom

    • @Tom- We realized we have too much stuff after moving so there’s been a lot of purging and sorting. I think it has been pretty good so far. There’s a lot of storage space so it ‘looks’ like we are minimalist haha.

    • @Jordan- We have the same table!! So cool. You have great style judging from your Instagram worthy drinks pictures. Nice Zola chair, looks comfy.

  2. Holy moly, those furnitures are expensive. I was looking for a new dining table after we moved and agonized over it for a long time. The nice stuff is super expensive and the cheap stuff probably won’t last. Our dimension is weird too so that made it even more challenging.
    I found that Craigslist has a ton of furniture so that’s what I went with.
    Your chairs look awesome. I’d love a few of those. But that price is just way too high for me.

    • @Joe- It’s definitely not MDF ikea. Real wood! I think it’s comparable to a lot of high quality furniture like EQ3 (in Canada). That’s awesome you got a table that fit on Craigslist- I found a nice toy organizer/shelf on Craigslist (Ikea of course).

  3. Wow those furnitures are expensive. Our dining table is from Ikea and it has taken a beating from the kids (i.e. stickers everywhere). How are you going to keep the kiddo(s) away from that fancy dining table? 🙂

  4. This company is terrible. I purchased a sven daybed and needed to get a new pillow for it. They absolutely refused. I offered to pay out of pocket but they didn’t care. I escalated up through the ranks and they just refused. Stay away from this company!

  5. This article was incredibly helpful! It provided great insights and tips for buying furniture online, making the process seem less daunting. Thanks for sharing these valuable guidelines! 👍


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